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Facebook Dismantles Fake Russian, French Accounts Manipulating African Public Opinion
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Posted on December 17, 2020, 2:51 pm
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With claim that the Russians and the French have created networks to nurture the manipulation of public opinion in Africa, Facebook has dismantled over 100 fake Russian and French accounts.

Facebook owner

Dismantled recently as announced by Facebook were three networks of fake accounts including two Russian networks and a French network involved in interference activities in Africa.

Unlike ordinary users of social networks as a relaxation tool for chatting with loved ones, making new friends, and sharing various experiences some people especially the Westerners use it to consolidate their influence on the other nations including Africa, as recently proven.

Social media networks

As reported by RFI, these accounts include, “84 Facebook accounts, 6 pages, 9 groups and 14 Instagram accounts” all managed from France.  The media outlet added that, the dismantled trolls targeted mainly, “the Central African Republic and Mali and to a lesser extent Niger, Burkina Faso, the Algeria, Ivory Coast and Chad.”

 According to information from Facebook, while the people behind these fake accounts pretend to be inhabitants of these countries they post messages in favor of the French army or French policy in Africa, they also criticize and accuse the interference of Russia.


Besides this means of manipulation, Russians are also using local media and online advertising in favor of President Touadéra's policy in CAR or against French action in Africa by relaying related messages.

Facebook Dismantles Fake Russian, French Accounts Manipulating African Public Opinion

Though the investigation could not demonstrate a direct link with the government or the army, attempts to manipulate public opinion are influenced by individuals associated with the French army, Facebook indicated.

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