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Germany: Opening of Humboldt Forum becomes Controversial over Looted art, colonialism
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Posted on December 16, 2020, 1:28 pm
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The Humboldt Forum, a new museum whose opening is today and being held online due to the covid-19 is controversial. Instead of being Europe’s biggest cultural project in the heart of Berlin to celebrate the city’s cosmopolitan confidence, the opening of Humboldt Forum museum has found itself in toxic debate about colonialism and looted art.

Looted arts from Nigeria

Contrary to the call for the return of Benin bronzes, the reconstructed Hohenzollern Stadtschloss, or city palace, home to the Kings of Prussia and later the Kaisers of the German Reich in the center of Berlin will house art from all over the world - including the said Benin Bronzes, sculptures looted at the end of 19th Century from Nigeria.

Hohenzollern Stadtschloss, or city palace,

Though the government of Nigeria has called for the return of these treasures, main exhibits at the new museum are said are going to be those that the British soldiers in 1897 looted from Nigeria.

Looted Benin Bronzes

According to reports, German historians and anti-racism activists have equally urged the museum as pressure grows in the country to explain where these treasures they set to exhibit come from and the means by which they got to Europe. However, The Government of Germany is yet to respond to the Nigeria Government’s call.

The Humboldt Forum

Officials in the Humboldt Museum have said the matter is under investigation but to become a symbol of tolerance and diversity, it will be showcasing global culture.

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