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Cameroon: Some Survivors of Ngouache Landslide Symbolically Relocated
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Posted on December 16, 2020, 1:13 pm
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Survivors of Ngouache landslide incident that occurred over a year ago in Bafoussam, West Region of Cameroon have been officially and symbolically relocated to a new site at Latsuet neighborhood in, Bafoussam 3 subdivision.

Cameroon: Some Survivors of Ngouache Landslide Symbolically Relocated

The relocated families on Tuesday December 15th, 2020 received some 1000 bags of cement from government authorities in the region as support for the reconstruction of their homes.

The gifts were handed over to the population by the Governor of the West region of, Awa Fonka Augustin, accompanied by other officials and local authorities.

Cameroon: Some Survivors of Ngouache Landslide Symbolically Relocated

As per official reports, 11 families in number each received 17 bags of cement with evicted victims given five bags each.

The support as per the governor is a joint solidarity offer made by government and its partners. The governor saluted in a special way the promise made by a partner to create a health centre in the nearest for the area in time to come.

Cameroon: Some Survivors of Ngouache Landslide Symbolically Relocated

While the contributions made so far cannot be undermined, critics think the full government support promised the population is taking too long and getting limited.

Meanwhile, the psychological pain suffered by the survivors is still fresh in their memories, according to one of the victims.

The incident occurred on October 29th, 2019 leaving 42 deaths: 6 adult males, 10 adult women, 4 pregnant women, 11 boys, 15 girls and enormous material damage including bodies of domestic animals, according to official records.

Ngouache Landslide October 29th, 2019

The landslide was provoked by continuous heavy downpour.  An estimate of 13 homes was completely buried by the displaced earth.

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