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Cameroon: Population Disgruntled over NW Governor’s Suspension of DWB’s Activities
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Posted on December 15, 2020, 12:00 am
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While questioning the alternatives that the North West Governor Adolphe Lele L’Afrique’s placed at the disposal of his population before suspending the activities of Doctors without Borders – DWB in his region amid crisis on the claim that he wants to define the framework of their activities, his decision has been considered another means to ease untimely death besides the ongoing war. The decision has become a big worry and heavy burden on the defenseless population who are often the victims of the tussle between government forces and separatist fighters.


To this effects reports show that some individuals from the region have outlined the benefits everyone, including soldiers, separatists and civilians had benefited from this humanitarian organization while worrying how they will continue to cope without these free services.

 The governor’s decision suspended the partnership activities between Doctors Without Borders - DWB and some health facilities who have been working for the good of the population since the ongoing war started years ago.


According to reports the population now misses: Free Surgery and surgical interventions given to everyone operated by Doctors Without Borders; free ambulance services for emergency cases that needed to be taken to the hospital; Proper care given to victims of rape and assault by the DWB team in the region.

Given that DWB treats everyone indiscriminately irrespective of position, affiliation, it presence in the region has since been considered by many as an alleviation of sufferings of the population especially in emergency cases where civilians, soldiers and armed separatists sustain injuries at battlefield or by stray bullets.


Many have debunked the governor’s given reason for his decision to suspend DWB’s activities. According to them, he is simply trying to keep wounded separatist fighters away from being treated. In that case his decision has been considered a terrible mistake because the population he is governing makes a largest percent of those who benefit from the services, critics have argued.

Equally, many are questionable about the alternative the regional head placed at the disposal of his population while suspending these free services testified by beneficiaries to be very helpful. They argue that since he has every means to be flown out of the region for safety when need arises, he did not think of how the population may transport their patients to the hospital at midnights amidst insecurities.


Governor Lele did not also provide a mean whereby Internally Displaced Persons - IDPs who are as many in Bamenda will have to pay for surgical interventions which was previously done free in partnership by MSF with DWB

It should be noted that Doctors without Borders have been in Cameroon for over 30-years. Beside serving during this time of war, they have been helping in the fight against several infectious disease outbreaks like AIDS, Cholera and measles among others.

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