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Cameroon: Esama Suffers another Arrest over Erected Statue of Jean Michelle Kankan
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Posted on December 9, 2020, 12:30 pm
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Andrew Blaise Esama, Cameroon’s decolonization activist has been arrested in Douala this Wednesday December 9th, 2020 for planting a statue of Jean Michelle Kankan at Carrefour Ancienne Dalip.

Blaise Esama Suffers yet another Arrest over Erected Statue of Jean Michelle Kankan

According to reports, the police, after arresting the activist dismantled the erected statue.

Esama was lately arrested in Douala ahead of the National Wide protest that was organized by opposition leader Prof. Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM).

The reason for this arrested was not given but predictions held that it was to prevent him from taking part in the protest given his influence.

Jean Michelle Kankan

Jean Michelle Kankan whose real name is Dieudonné Afana Ebogo, is a Cameroonian author, theater, television and humorist with an artistic style of life greatly impacted the path of Cameroon theater arts.

The native of Nkom, a village in the littoral region of Cameroon, Michelle Kankan depicted the shortcomings of African society through satire by wearing a drunken style and outfit.

Esama Suffers another Arrest over Erected Statue of Jean Michelle Kankan

Since his death on Thursday February 13th, 1997, he is gradually being forgotten with his works entering a hidden corner.

As a decolonization activist, Esama has resolved to raise awareness of Cameroonian legends rather than sit and watch colonial figures given the honor in his own country while native heroes are forgotten.

Jean Michelle Kankan

He has, on several occasions brought down statues of colonial masters from streets in Douala and all the times been arrested for his action.


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