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Cameroon: Suspected Separatists Arrested over Killing of Kumba School Kids
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Posted on December 2, 2020, 1:50 pm
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Authorities in Kumba, South West Region say they have caught one of the gunmen involved in the massacre of seven kids of the Mother Francisca Bilingual International Academy, Fiango on October 24th, 2020.

Suspected Separatists Arrested over Killing of Kumba School Kids

Official reports indicate that the suspected gunman identified as Neba Ngwa aka Commander Zabra met his ‘karma’ on Tuesday December 1st, 2020 at a drinking spot in the Fiango neighborhood around the Divisional Officer’s office in Kumba after he failed a robbery attempt on a customer of the said drinking spot.

As reported on ETV, the customer was resisting the suspect and as they both struggled, a police officer witnessing the scene intervened but Ngwa reportedly grabbed the security officer’s gun and seized it.

While they battled over the weapon, another military officer from the DO’s office rushed to the scene as Ngwa tried escaping but both security officers overpowered and arrested him.

Government Bilingual High School Kosala, Kumba.

Upon interrogations at the DO’s office, Ngwa reportedly confessed being a separatist fighter and part of a gang of Ambazonia fighters based behind Government Bilingual High School Kosala, Kumba.

Astonished by the confession, the officer’s say they decided to take the suspect to the Senior Divisional Officer for Meme, Ntouo’u Ndong Chamberlain where it was concluded that he is one of the gunmen who perpetrated the massacre of seven school kids on October 24th.

Meanwhile, Kumba locals say the boy is known for theft and nothing more that can relate him to Ambazonia fighters. The government has not presented the said confession of the man to the public.

state burial of seven school kids killed in kumba

According to authorities, Neba Ngwa aka Commander Zabra is the second suspect to be arrested among the perpetrators after the first suspect was “neutralized” by security forces without judgment.

The act of “neutralizing” suspected separatists fighters has been the language of government officials since the escalation of the armed conflict in the North West and South West Region.

Kumba Massacre Scene

However, this case seems to be different as Chamberlain Ntouo’u Ndong said this one will help facilitate the tracking of others who are yet to be fished out.

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