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Rwanda: 21-year-old Boy Who Can’t Speak, Feeds on Grass
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Posted on November 25, 2020, 12:18 pm
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This 21-year-old boy, Zanzimana Ellie from Rwanda is the only child left of his parents and seen as a divine blessing even though he is considered by locals as a monkey because of his appearance and behavior.

Rwanda: 21-year-old Boy Who Can’t Speak, Feeds on Grass

According to a circulating video posted on Gambia Facebook page, Ellie can’t speak, loves residing in the forest, only feeds on grass and fresh food.

In the video released on You Tube by ‘Afrimax Rwanda’, the boy’s life and family situation has been made public as the mother and some locals explain the tough experience they have with the boy.

According to the story told by his mother, Ellie is the last child to the family after his parents lost their previous five kids one after the other. They then prayed to God for another child, requesting that even if the child would be abnormal, so long as he/she will not die, they will be grateful to God and will take good care of.

Rwanda: 21-year-old Boy Who Can’t Speak, Feeds on Grass

Indeed they were blessed with another baby, Ellie but who physically looks like a chimpanzee, an appearance that have gained him and the family nothing but mockery from the community at large.

In the video, kids of the locality are seen at one point pushing the poor boy up a tree as they take him for a monkey. A local woman equally conforms that he spends his time running to the bush and is seen hiding behind trees and eating grass like an animal.

Despite the tough life, Ellie remains his mother’s blessing. She says Ellie came out from birth looking abnormal and doctors warned that she would have troubles raising the child.

The mother says him and her husband didn’t mind raising the child. Ellie was a tinny baby with a very small head that later grew bigger as he grew up, says his mom.

Rwanda: 21-year-old Boy Who Can’t Speak, Feeds on Grass and his mother

Aside from his inability to speak, Ellie lacks a brain that can support formal education, though he understands and is helpful to his mother as he is seen going for an errand. He likes living in the jungle and running everywhere all the time if not held.

“I always have to chase after him to bring him home when evening comes,” the mom told the narrator.

His mother even revealed that she feeds him grass like an animal because he likes only fresh food and eats more of bananas. She however finds it difficult to provide for the varieties of fresh food that the boy needs and this accounts for why the boy runs to the bush to feed.

Rwanda: 21-year-old Boy Who Can’t Speak, Feeds on Grass and his monther

Ellie will probably live this way for the rest of his life unless a Good Samaritan turns up to train him in line with human life.

Since his birth in 1999, Ellie’s life has remained a mystery to many who can only give their presumptions to what kind of human being he is.

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