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Cameroon: Leader of CRM Women’s Big Wing Slammed Six Months Pre-trial Detention, Renewable
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Posted on November 25, 2020, 11:54 am
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After the arresting of women who protested last Saturday, November 21st, 2020 for the release of the CRM political leader, Prof. Maurice Kamto from “house arrest”, the National Coordinator of the CRM Women’s Wing, Bar Awasum Mispa Fri has remained in pre-trial detention.

Leaders of CRM Women’s Big Wing Slammed Six Months Pre-trial Detention, Renewable

According to the information gotten do far, she is to spend six months, renewable, at the Yaounde Kondengui Central prison for leading the women in an “unauthorized protest.”

The court has accused and charged her of complicity in group rebellion and revolution. Though the circulating images a video shows no sign of rebelling in the protest, the accusation is related to her leading the women towards Kamto’s residence to demand for his release after over two months under house arrest.

CRM Women protesting half naked

The women that were dressed in black while some stripped themselves half-naked were al arrested but later freed except for their leader, Mispa and two other women.

Haven been arrested and taken to the Nkoldongo police station, Bar Mispa says she and the three were transferred at night to the DRPJ where she was given a 15-day warning.

However, on Monday 23rd, 2020, she was transferred to the Yaounde military tribunal for examination before the magistrate.

Bar Awasum Mispa, National Coordinator of the CRM Women’s Wing

After questioning, the accused was found guilty of complicity in revolution and rebellion reprimanded by articles 74, 97, 114, and 157 of the penal code. She was then led to sign a pre-trial detention for a period of six months, renewable.

Recently the CRM has seen many of their militants and supporters arrested and locked up for taking part or planning protests and for other accusations, since the September 22nd nationwide protest that was organized by their leader to call for the oust of President Paul Biya from power.


While their political leader remains under house arrest, the party supporters and militants are proving resilient towards the government and determined to foster their political vision.

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