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Rev. Lado Set for Second Phase of Pilgrimage for Peace in Cameroon
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Posted on November 24, 2020, 1:03 pm
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““I was an IDP and you came to my help” will Jesus say to us” Jesuit Priest, Rev. Father Ludovic Lado writes as he prepares to embark on the second phase of his solidarity pilgrimage for return to peace in Cameroon. He titles “Pilgrimage of Incarnation: Christmas Without Room And Bed”.

Rev. Lado Set for Second Phase of Pilgrimage for Peace in Cameroon

This phase of his solidarity walk is to begin from December 22nd to 25th going through Kumba to Buea and then, Douala where he shall commune with the internally displaced persons of the North West and South West Regions that have been forced out by the persisting arm conflict.

Taking from the Book of Luke 2:7, the Cleric on his Facebook page says it will be a pilgrimage in the company of and in communion with Joseph and Mary travelling from Nazareth to Bethlehem (about 160 km) where the prince of Peace was born in similar conditions to those of internally displaced persons and refugees, victims of our dirty wars, without room and bed.

“Indeed, “she gave birth to her firstborn, wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger, for there was no room for them in the inn.” (Lk 2: 7). Burnt villages in the NOSO have left hundreds of thousands without room or bed! So many children born in the bush or on the way without room and bed,” Rev. Lado wrote.

He adds the pilgrimage will be blessed opportunity to pr ay for the birth of the Prince of Peace (Christ) in Cameroon.

Internally Displaced children of the Anglophone zones

The pilgrimage is planned as follows:

Tuesday, December 22: pilgrimage by bus to Kumba to the site of the massacre of eight children at the Mother Francisca Bilingual international Academy.

Wednesday 23 December: Pilgrimage for peace (on foot) from Buea to Douala (75 km).

Friday December 25: Arrival in Douala and Christmas with the internally displaced.

He invites persons of goodwill to join the December 22 pilgrimage by bus but specifies that no one is obliged to continue with the December 23 pilgrimage from Buea to Douala which is to be on foot.

He however notes that people can still take part in the program which he terms “experience of incarnate solidarity” without travelling. “All you need to do is to choose during this period (22-25 December), in solidarity with refugees and IDPs, even in your home, a day when you will sleep on a mat, without room or bed, to experience concretely the mystery of incarnation, just like Jesus shared in our human condition to free us from bondage,” he wrote.

Rev. Ludovic Lado

“Let’s, just for a day, leave the comfort of our “inn” where there was no room for the son of Mary (Lk 2:7) and, like those shepherds “who live outside and spent the night in the fields tending their flocks” (Lk 2, 8), let’s experience the real cradle, without room and bed. Naturally, Herod will be on the lookout, but so will the angels of heaven. We will sing with them: “Glory to God in the highest and PEACE to his people on earth” (Lk 2:14). The money usually used for artificial cradles let’s put it together to help the victims of war,” he has advised.”

On October 12th, 2020 when Rev. Lado took embarked on the first phase of his pilgrimage from Japoma in Douala to Yaounde he was arrested on the way and detained. From there, he wrote another letter indicating that he will not stop until his plans are executed to the last bead.

The Cleric intends to bring peace and an end to the ongoing arm conflict for which the Anglophone population is paying with their lives. It is his strong believe that the pilgrimage will yield a positive result for the people and equally bring an end to the 4-year-long crisis.

Internally Displaced persons of the Anglophone zones

“I am walking to pray and plead on the one hand for dialogue, justice, peace and reconciliation in the North-West and South-West of Cameroon and on the other hand to do penance for the reparation of crimes against human dignity committed in these regions. I walk so that human blood stops flowing in our country… I walk so that Cameroonians may again freely exercise their constitutional right to peacefully demonstrate,” he said during the first phase of his pilgrimage.

Interested persons can contact the Rev. through call or Whatsapp at +235 65 45 16 67.

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