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CEMAC: Only XAF20 billion will benefit Cameroon from XAF308 billion BDEAC’s investment pledges
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Posted on November 23, 2020, 1:56 pm
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Out of the €470 million or XAF308 billion pledged by the Central African Development Bank – BDEAC during the November 16-17, 2020 roundtable organized in Paris for the implementation of 11 priority integrating projects in the CEMAC region, Cameroon will benefit only  €30.55 million or XAF20 billion.

BDEAC’s investment pledges for the implementation of 11 priority integrating projects in the CEMAC region

Cameroonian projects to benefit from BDEAC projects at the cost of €13.59 million or XAF8.9 billion are; the construction of a bridge over the Ntem River, transport facilitation, and road safety on the transnational Kribi-Campo-Bata road, and the Yaoundé-Bata corridor.

River Ntem

Also, with €9.40 million or XAF6.16 billion and €7.56 million or XAF4.96 billion, the Lolabé-Campo expressway between Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea and the interconnection of the fiber-optic network between Cameroon and other CEMAC countries will be constructed respectively.


The construction of the missing sections of the Ndendé-Doussala-Dolisie road on the Libreville-Brazzaville corridor is among other projects the BDEAC pledged investments for. It will be carried out at €61.18 million or XAF40.13 billion.


While at €200 million or XAF131.2 billion, the Kogo-Akurenam road of the Bata-Libreville corridor will be constructed, with €178 million or XAF 116.77 billion, the Brazzaville-Ouesso-Bangui-Ndjamena corridor that connects Congo-Chad-Central Africa, will be developed.

Meantime, the time is yet to be slated for the execution of the various projects under the priority integrating projects in the CEMAC region


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