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Cameroon: Meet Cameroon’s Award Winning Actor, Godisz Fungwa
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Posted on November 19, 2020, 12:00 am
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Godisz Fungwa is one of Cameroon’s talents in the movie industry, a BA holder in English language and holder of a diploma in performing and visual arts at the University of Buea, ,South West Region of Cameroon.

Cameroon’s Award Winning Actor, Godisz Fungwa

The 25-year-old from the North West Region of Cameroon, Godisz is a passionate Actor and Production Manager. With incredible talent drawn from a Tailor father and Nurse mother in an enclosed childhood. This has given birth to a flag bearer of the Nation’s pride in the cinema sector.

He has performed in over 10 films including; A Good Time to Divorce by Nkanya Nkwai, Wardzee by Itambi Delphine, Breach of Trusts by NKanya Nkwai, A Man for the Weekend by Achille Brice, CiteMALINGO by Itambi Delphine, WHERE I COME FROM by Takong Delvis, SAVING MBANGO by Nkanya Nkwai, Broken Marriage of Besong Viran, At First Sight, PickPocket, Richard  trending comedy, Lone Gurl, among others.

At this stage of his growing career, Godisz has met and worked with great personalities from whom he draws experiences for his field as well as exhibit his knowhow. We are referring to big names like, Walter Anga, Norbet Young, Ramsey Noah Prince Okuyo of Uganda and Brunu Henry of France among a host of other stakeholders of his industry both home and abroad.

Cameroon’s Award Winning Actor, Godisz Fungwa

Standing as a great pursuer of his dream, Godisz faced one of the family challenges hindering many young people in the African context. It occurs that his parents wished he becomes a teacher as they started seeing his attention being tiled towards theater activities than his academic expectations.

Not being disobedient, Godisz didn’t ignore his parent’s wish as he sat for the ENS exams after completing high school but didn’t success. While waiting to give a second try the coming year, he made his entry into the University of Buea in 2014 but lost his father before the next ENS exams sitting.

However, when stumbling blocks become stepping stones the passionate one keeps growing. While in the University, Godisz didn’t drop his passion for theater and gradually built a career at a production house known as New Generation Entertainment (NEGENET) where he acted as a production assistant.

Cameroon’s Award Winning Actor, Godisz Fungwa

The story went on through thick and thin and today, the once ‘behind camera boy’ has become an Award Winning figure, both home and abroad.

Termed his “breakthrough performance,” Saving Mbango is one of the award winning movies in which Godisz displays his talents through a salad bowl of emotions -joy, anger, the foolishness, blindness and selflessness that characterizes true love, and grief.

 “Saving Mbango has placed Godisz at the top of Cameroon’s movie industry. But his humility is clear in the way he talks of the fame like an outsider, his focus purely on conquering the world with his acting." He is undoubtedly Cameroon's movie industry's biggest revelation,” says the Award movie Movie Producer, Stephanie Tum.

Cameroon’s Award Winning Actor, Godisz Fungwa

In four events: New Breed Africa Foundation 2019, Black continental Independence Movie Awards 2020 And Festival Ecrans Noir 2020 Abuja International Film Festival, he has been awarded Best Actor for the film, Saving Mbango as well as for the comedy skit, Pickpocket during the Daval Comedy Complex 2019.

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