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Cameroon: Newly Installed PAP Exco Pledges to Fight for Political Transition
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Posted on November 16, 2020, 10:58 am
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The Popular Action Party (PAP) on Saturday November 14th, 2020 installed a new Conventional Bureau in the Yaounde VI that took upon themselves to bear the party’s flag by drawing more youth to the understanding of their political rights and to rally towards a political transition.

Cameroon: Newly Installed PAP Exco Pledges to Fight for Political Transition

The installation was presided over by the PAP Centre Regional Congress made up of militants and sympathizers, executive of other conventions and the National bureau. It was equally attending by guest and collaborators. Meanwhile, the new bureau was installed by the PAP National President, Mr. Njang Denis.

The eleven bureau members made up of two ladies and nine young men all took the commitment to work in accordance with the party’s constitution focusing on the party’s vision which is to achieve a change for the country through a political transition.

The new Bureau constitutes of; the President, Mr. Prince Epie Ejede; Vice President, Mrs. Asoh Lumis; Secretary General Miss Metu-Mube Senge Quinta; Deputy Secretary General, Mr. Teba Yambo Alain; Communication Secretary, Mr. Ngole Emmanuel; Deputy Communication Secretary, Mr. Musa Mangeh Uri; Organizing Secretary, Mr. Yoh Blaise; Deputy Organizing Secretary, Mr. Ngwa Gilbert; Treasurer, Mr. Ngong Alfred Tagha; Financial Secretary, Mr. Shweami Lawrence and the Public Relation Officer, Mr. Taba Andreas.

 Newly Installed PAP President for Yaounde VI making his speech

The convention of vibrant and determined young men and ladies was adopted by the PAP National Council with prime objective to create a space for the voices of the youth. This, as one of the virtues of the Party transmitted to the Present leaders by its founder, Mr. Ayah Paul Abine who resigned nobly after creating and handing the pitch to youth in a bid to change the country’s routine of one-man leadership.

To throw more light to what the party has been doing and to remind the newly installed of what awaits them, the PAP National Secretary, Mr. Fabrice Lena took out time to brief on the party’s recent activities, citing one of their blow on the government in 2020 when they took the lead in reaching out to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) during the outbreak of the COVID-19 health crisis.

According to Mr. Lena, PAP noticed that the government took no major move to ensure the wellbeing of the IDPs during the pandemic which was like a double crisis to these Cameroonians of the conflict-hit English-speaking regions of the country.

“In 2020, PAP launched a sensitization campaign on IDP sensitization and Empowerment based on COVID-19. This is because we noticed that all what the government was doing, IDPs were never in their agenda…These are people that are facing a double crisis, they first had the Anglophone crisis that had forced them out of their zones of comfort to Yaounde, Douala and neighboring cities of the restive regions and this pandemic came again to disturb their wellbeing and the government did nothing special for the IDPs,” MR. Lena explained.

The newly installed President, Mr. Prince Epie, in an interview with the press firmly stated that they are not for any jokes but on serious business, that of ensuring that the young Cameroonians starting from Yaounde VI to the country at large understand the stakes which include a political transition.

“Our Executive is made up of members of the civil society activists, organizations…we are coming with a change in this particular constituency,” Mr. Epie reaffirmed.

Through his over 10 years of experience as a sympathizer of the PAP, Mr. Epie says he has grown passionate about the ideology of the party given that the country has remained stagnant for decades now. “We have come in to support the young dynamic team of the Party to bring the needed political transition for this country,” he maintained.

The guest for this event Mr. Sambit Kohtem Princewill, a Political analyst and the Secretary General for the MP3 political movement in an interview with the press lauded the turn out and determination of this new Bureau, remarking it as a rare and touching move in our context where youth, especially women, shy away from the political scene. “When you look at the turn out of ladies in this convention, you realize that unlike before when women stated way from politics, it is not the case with the PAP,” he noted.

Very conscious of the task ahead of her as a lady, the Vice President, Mrs. Lumis promised to focus on the big picture which is to see that she brings other youth out of their fear to the reality that the country needs a change. This change, she says, must come through their own contributions at the decision table and no longer staying behind to observe decisions been made on their behalf.

“We want to work for the transition and really want youths to take power…if you look around, all those who are in power are five meters to their graves…We are there to sensitize youths to join the transition because the future of this country lies in their hands,” she said.

PAP Centre Regional Congress, National Bureau members at the Installation of the Yaounde VI Convention

Speaking during a Talk Show at the event, Mr. Ngole Emmanuel, the newly installed Communication Secretary said the present regime has failed. He sees the regime sticking to promises that are never met a situation that has got to change.

Meanwhile, the SG, Quinta thinks that the current crisis would have long ended if tangible measures were put in place. She thinks the trend of looking at things from the surface has to stop and the right people get to the interior from where things have to be resolved.

It should be noted that this is the sixth convention to be installed by the PAP in Yaounde alone while the National President, Mr. Njang Denis says they have received calls from other regions and will in the days ahead.

Not leaving out the peck that is hindering the peace of the North West and South West Regions, Mr. Denis in his empowerment message to the convention said separation is no new news as it has been happening in many other countries. Referring to the Anglophone crisis, why then will raising the point be a problem in Cameroon where people have to lose their lives for demanding a free space of their own?

“Cameroon is not the first country to experience separation…but the way the leaders who at the helm of the State,” he said, casting part of the blame on France which he says has been made “a puppet” with the aim of destroy the English-speaking community by Tele-guiding the affairs of the country through the Head of State who “himself testified it in France”. Mr. Denis thinks that if the regime should give way, everything will be resolved in the country and so urged his militants to remain focus on this main vision.

However, he clears the fact that they are not for the separation of the country but for Federation which from the ongoing point has been their stands for the good of the people. He equally noted that most of those who have grown resilient towards the government and developed the desire for a complete breakaway to form the “Ambazonia State” were never for this until the government declared the persisting war on his own people, pushing them to the walls.

Newly Installed PAP President for Yaounde VI handing over Speech to the National President

With the nature of the country where politics have been presented as a dead-trap, many have become scared of daring the scene. Mr. Lena therefore congratulated the new bureau for daring the move out of the shelf of fear into the reality of things (bringing the needed change).

“…It takes courage because our country is in a complicated stage where to tell people to participate in political issues is not easy,” Mr. Lena remarked.

Despite the challenges at hand, Mr. Njang Denis encouraged the new exco to grip tight their mission, knowing that “victory is already at the door”.

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