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Kumba Massacre: Seven Caskets Lined for Burial, a Cause of State Impotency?
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Posted on November 5, 2020, 12:00 am
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Today Thursday, November 5th, 2020, the PM is being received at the Amusement park in Kumba where the caskets of the seven massacred school children have displayed for honor and eventual burial. It has finally been accepted that these children’s brilliant futures have been snatch by cool hands of death. What a waste of state honor!


 All dressed in black Kumba residents welcomed the presiding Prime Minister, PM and his entourage made up of mostly ministers and other members of Government in Cameroon. Critics have questioned what respect they sick to pay as they are held for having the power to put an end to the ravaging war.

The Minister of Territorial Administration, Minister of secondary education, Minister of Basic Education,Minister for the Promotion of Women and the Family and Minister of Social Affairs,  Minister of Public Health, made up up the PM's entourage.


Among the hundreds of mourners to pay last tributes to the young school children at the Amusement Park are Traditional groups, clergies from various religious denominations.

A service is being held in honor of these fallen students at the said park where their brilliant future disappears to thin air forever.


Has the state just been so impotent, negligent that such thing as loss of lives, most especially of school children, future of tomorrow has become rampant? Critics question.

Many have argued that the ongoing war which has been surging for over five years has proven the impotency of the Government of Cameroon whose leader is in his 80’s.


Local reports shows that these children are not to be buried in one area as earlier rumored. Each Family will from this ground be taking their own corpse for burial in various chosen cemeteries.

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