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Beyond SCAAP Leadership Tussle: Just Another Anglophone Marginalization Locus at a Diversity Bastion?
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Posted on October 26, 2020, 10:42 am
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Since the final installation of the General Manager and President of the Copyright Society for Audiovisual and Photography (SCAAP) on July 28th, 2020, the team that lost the elections has maintained an unbridled and impetuous appetite to seize by force or by crook the power they lost. This has hampered the capacity of the new management to serve the artists whose interests they have been mandated to protect.

Beyond SCAAP Leadership Tussle: Just Another Anglophone Marginalization Locus at a Diversity Bastion?

However, what is more troubling is the outgone team’s militant intolerance towards diversity, a diversity that should be the pride of the outfit given the variegated backgrounds and provenances of the artistic community it represents. Their attitude shows a stark disregard for the slogan of “Living Together” in this blended family of a country. Against the backdrop of widespread ethnic divisions and the Anglophone cry of institutionalized marginalization threatening to snap apart the seams of the nation, one would expect SCAAP to be a beacon of hope for diversity.

Background Narrative

Since the SCAAP executive elections were conducted in 2017, the seats of the President and General Manager became a bone of contention.

Mr. Chop Samuel, the then Board Chair of SCAAP and now, President elect, have faced opposition from a team of six who have bluntly rejected his position as President for the simple reason that he is of the English-speaking community of Cameroon (Anglophone).

This opposing team includes Mr. Ousmanou, Mr. Djombe Mouangue, Mr. Cho Godlove, Mr. Jean Essala, Mr. Tabou Toche and Mr. David Njuofack. This team stormed the office and threw out Mr. Chop Samuel and then went on to terminate the engagement of all the Anglophone staff of the establishment.

As disclosed by the President, Mr. Chop Samuel, he and other Anglophone staff are currently renting an office where they are carrying out the necessary activities while the opposing team  has occupied the head office, managing it as desired for their own interest.

For all the times they attempted to get the president and his team incriminated, they failed. According to court judgments and other official documents presented LeGideon by Chop Samuel, the court, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the SCAAP Board had ruled in his favor, declaring him legitimate winner with full rights as President of SCAAP.

This team took SCAAP to court demanding that the resolutions of the General Assembly should be cancelled. On January 17th, 2018, the court ruled in favor of SCAAP, thus legitimizing the election of Mr. Chop Samuel’s team by the SCAAP general assembly.

final installation of the General Manager and President of the Copyright Society for Audiovisual and Photography (SCAAP) on July 28th, 2020

Hoping to please and give all a space in the company, “the president of the Audit Commission for collective Management bodies called both teams together for there to be peace in SCAAP,” Chop Samuel explained.

Despite offering the team two seats in the governing body – Seat of 1st Vice President given to Mr. Ousmanou and that of 3rd Vice President was offered to Mr. David Njuafack, they would still not give the President his merited position.

Little did Mr. Chop know that the compromise of peace that he had made was just a way by the Ousmanou camp to oust him and install Ousmanou in his place. Somewhere in the statutes of the company it is stated that in cases of incapacity suspension, or dismissal the vice-president could replace the president.

Once they had secured, he two vice-presidential seats, the Ousmanou camp swung into place their next card. In further attempts to incriminate and bring down Mr. Chop Samuel, these people presented “a false resolution” in a bid to suspend him and the General Manager from their functions.

In reaction to this, the audit commission of the Collective Copyright Management Organizations (CCOGC) on June 18th, 2020, following Article 7 of law N090/CAB/PM of September 2015 sent a letter resolving the conflict in favor of Mr. Chop and his Manager.

The court on its part, for all the three time that the opposition took SCAAP to court, had ruled in favor of Mr. Chop but the latter said the self-proclaimed winning team “sacked people of English-speaking” expression and did away with important documents which till date, the whereabouts remain unknown.

Tired of the bickering, Chop Samuel petitioned the Minister of Arts and Culture, Pierre Ismael Bidoung Mkpatt, who sent an order for the President to be reinstalled in office and asked that the financial differences should be settled and that the principal administrators of SCAAP since the start of 2020 should remain unchanged.

After his installation, the SCAAP President Mr. Chop Samuel had told the press that he had nothing against these people but just wanted peace to reign and was ready to work with them for the growth of the organization.

final installation of the General Manager and President of the Copyright Society for Audiovisual and Photography (SCAAP) on July 28th, 2020

Despite blocking the SCAAP office on May 11th, 2020 as well as on July 23rd and even 28th 2020, to hinder the official installation of the embattled executive, the President and Manager were successfully installed.

Current Situation at SCAAP

The dissident team will stop at nothing to see that the seat of president is taken from the hands of the Anglophone leader, we are told. Failing to hinder the installation, they decided to show up afterwards and have taken over the entire office, forcing the Anglophone crew completely out.

This team has shown Chop Samuel no regards till date and he has decided to let them be by looking for an office where he is working with his “English-speaking” team while the opposing team is now the main occupants of the SCAAP head office.

President Samuel’s fear here is that the people are known by the population which is ignorant of the internal power tussle. Taking over the office means they would be illegally registering and collecting dues from unsuspecting registered members.

We are made to understand that the main problem this team have is to be in control of the finances of the SCAAP which they had even failed to manage before Chop Samuel’s reign.

A statement issued by Chop Samuel before his installation shows that he met the institution with a heavy principal tax debt of 54 million with 63 million penalties, a dept he has spent all the time fighting to catch up with.

final installation of the General Manager and President of the Copyright Society for Audiovisual and Photography (SCAAP) on July 28th, 2020

For all the months the dissident team blocked the office, he was still struggling to pay off the required tax. “I am paying the debt of my predecessor and those who are hunting me are of my predecessor’s group,” lamented the President.

The question now is: Would the solution be to also sue these people or will the SCAAP president fold his arms and watch the “separatists” invade and do away with the bond that the SCAAP share with their artists?

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