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Cameroon: Equinoxe TV Recognized as the most popular TV Station in the Country
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Posted on October 19, 2020, 10:10 am
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It becomes controversial that over the National TV station, CRTV, Equinoxe Television has been crowned the most popular TV Station across Cameroon for 2019. However, comments on social media platforms from young Cameroonians who could have been boosters of the national TV partly limit the controversy.

Equinoxe TV

Médiamétrie, a French popular Agency revealed the news in its recent findings on the popularity of TV channels across the National Territory. Equinoxe is followed by Novelas TV and then Canal 2 International.

It should be recalled that in the past decade, Canal2 was top but in the recent findings became the third. It is controversial that these three TV channels came before the National Television Station, Cameroon Radio and Television-CRTV.

However, the overall most listened Radio in Cameroon is the CRTV National Station, according to findings from the French popular Agency.

Equinoxe TV

Cameroonian youths that can boost the national station through watching it have since the declaration taken the social media affirming and cursing the national station’s flaws.

A Facebook user commented on Cameroon News Agency’s Facebook page saying, “Only the truth shall set us free. I admire Equinox TV for its stands on telling the truth and nothing but the truth. Only the truth conquers. Let blacklegs, thieves, embezzlers and haters of truth keep watching their CRTV.  Congratulations Equinox TV”

Equinoxe TV DEBATE

Another made fun of the national broadcaster commenting, “Is crtv a Chinese station or Iraqi station? I don't remember coming across it for long now. Oh! Surely it’s a plastic paper producing company... Hahahaha!”

According to another, “CRTV should be last” because of “too much fake news”. He added, “I wonder who still watch that thing”

Equinoxe TV

One of the commenters believed that the national Radio only made it to top because that of the Equinoxe TV still have limited signal. However, he urged that the winner TV upgrades its professionalism and studio dressing.  “Equinox radio signal is not everywhere. That's the trouble. Good but equinox got to do more to upgrade the level of professionalism in their broadcasting and studio dressing”

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