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Cameroon: Voice of a Nso Son on Fon’s Expected Return
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Posted on October 16, 2020, 12:00 am
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After it was announced by the Nso “Nwerong” secrete society that the Fon Sehm Mbinglo I, who was away for some time now, will soon return, natives have been reacting on social media platforms expressing their opinions.

Here is the reaction posted by a Facebook user by name, Frankline Nyuy-Verla

The Paramount Fon of Nso, Sehm Mbinglo I

“Nso has been born again, the Rebirth of Paramount Fon of Nso. The people are in charge .......

The people of Nso & Bui loves their Fon but hates Politics around their Paramount Fon.

They said they want their Supreme Fon Back.

The Revolution is about the people. The struggle is all about restoring people’s lost values. The people have spoken.

The people told the Fon to come back Home.

The people said:/ No Political anything in the palace including no men & women in uniform in the palace. That means: -No CPDM in Palace, -No SDF in palace, -No LRC Military in Palace & No Amba Army in Palace.

The people say palace will be neutral place for all Sons and Daughters to come and perform their ancestral sacrifices and etc but no one should talk about Politics or anything party Politics again in the palace.

The Traditional authority already communicated that the Fon of today is a different one and His Royal Highness won't be part of any Party Politics again.

Nso people turn nout to listen to the Nwerong

It has been determined that Politics is what destroyed and divided the Nso Fondom even before Amba struggle started, the Palace was already in a turmoil (Political fire)

The people of Nso who loves a Free New Country as much as they love their Fon were heard chanting and singing traditional praises beside the cultural Juju of 1st Order authority accompanied by many traditional spokesperson and watch eyes ...... The Nso Nwerong.

We pray for peace to be restored in Nso.

Those hunting to kill the Fon will meet their traditional waterloo. We have heard audios as usual from some wayward guys in Bui plotting to arrest the Fon and do harm as they did to many traditional authorities.

ADF distanced themselves from any fights against the Nso Traditional authority and the people of Bui. ADF stands with Civilians and what makes Civilians good is what ADF protects.

The Nwerong of Nso came out announce the Fon`s Soon return

The ADF Bui understands very well that we have one common enemy and that is La Republique Du Cameroun and their terrible terrorists military. The Fondom and the great lovely people of Nso must be Protected. The culture and tradition of Nso like all over Ambazonia must be Protected.

When the Fon was not on his throne, many tried to seat themselves on it to an extent of stealing the traditional Walking Stick, we strongly condemned any such malicious and evil thoughts in the Great state of Bui. Soldiers or fighters are not the traditional authority. No soldier or fighter is allowed to near the palaces and churches and hospitals not to talk of taking Palace Car and traditional materials.

We stand with truth, honesty and respect to our customs and we must restore all our lost customs and Culture and Tradition. Collectively called "Independence for Ambazonia”

Igwe, you will Live Long.

Son of Nso,

Young Rich Niga,

Major Verla”

Nso people turn out to listen to the Nwerong`s announcement

Nso is one of the villages in the North West region that has been witnessing the toughest times since the start of the Anglophone crisis to the point where their Fon had to leave the village. Though no specific reason was advanced for his departure, rumors have it that the people are angry with their Fon for not ensuring their security during the arm conflict.

However, his announced return has raised hope for the natives who are impatient to have their leader back as this, to them means “security and peace.”

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