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Cameroon: Between July 1st - October 1st, 21,476 New Users Signed up for the .cm domain name - ANTIC
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Posted on October 16, 2020, 12:00 am
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Information from Cameroon national agency for information and communication technologies-ANTIC, shows that between July 1st -October 1st, 2020 Cameroon recorded 21,476 new users for the .cm.

Cameroon: Between July 1st-October 1st, 21,476 New Users for the .cm Recorded-ANTIC

During the period, the number of .cm users rose from 32,861 to 54,337 making a 65% increase, according to the agency.


 The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications during the period under study run a promotional offer that instead of XAF7, 000, the .cm was sold at XAF2, 000.The XAF2, 000 registration for the Cameroon’s ccTLD was to boost the number of .cm users.

The XAF2, 000 registration for the Cameroon’s ccTLD was to boost the number of .cm users.

Originally, the registration fee was XAF35, 000 then it was slashed to XAF7, 000 on May 26, 2015 but was recently dropped to XAF2, 000.

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