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Cameroon: Commissioning phase of a New gas Platform "Sanaga 2" Launched offshore Kribi
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Posted on October 16, 2020, 11:36 am
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Information from the National Hydrocarbon Company-SNH shows that a new gas platform dubbed "Sanaga 2" has been launched offshore Kribi. This is at the location of the floating natural gas liquefaction unit-FLNG which is operated by Golar.


According to SNH, the platform arrive Cameroon from Holland on June 2020 and has gas compression equipment for the development of the Sanaga Sud oil field. "This platform, which has a gas compression equipment for the development of the Sanaga Sud oil field, arrived in Cameroon in June 2020 from Holland.” SNH indicated.

The Sanaga Sud field, offshore Cameroon, is located just northwest of the coastal town of Kribi in the northern part of the Douala basin. The discovery well, Sanaga Sud A-1, was drilled in 1979 to test an apparent horst block that contained prominent horizontal seismic amplitude.


In its commissioning state, the launched platform will aid in the maintenance of the gas production plateau for the supply of the floating unit, SNH added. In its words, SNH said, “It is in the commissioning phase (…) Sanaga 2 will notably help maintain the gas production plateau, which is necessary for the supply of the floating unit Hilli Episeyo, in compliance with contractual obligations, for the continuation of liquefied natural gas exports,"

FLNG Hilli Episeyo is the first floating liquefaction plant in the world resulting from the conversion of a LNG tanker. Set-up off Kribi it demonstrates Perenco’s ability to develop innovative and ambitious, even pioneering projects, and once again confirms the company’s technical and economic know-how to exploit mature fields. It is a project that expands company horizons, accessing the closed circle of LNG producers.

FLNG Hilli Episeyo

The Golar LNG on its part is a liquefied natural gas shipping company registered in Bermuda. Operating 26 LNG carriers, the company listed on NASDAQ.

The new gas platform offshore Kribi is part of the project at hand to extend the operation of the LNG carrier Hilli Episeyo. As such, Hilli Episeyo’s Franco-British partner Perenco influenced Cameroon to negotiate “with Golar (British) and Gazprom (Russian) to extend the lifespan of the Hilli Episeyo, which is scheduled to end operations in 2026.” Business in Cameroon reported.

Cameroon: Commissioning phase of a New gas Platform "Sanaga 2" Launched offshore Kribi

Also, the negotiations aim at increasing LNG’s production of LNG. Cameroon exported 1.2 million tons of LNG in 2019.

Perenco is currently the premier oil and gas producer in Cameroon where it has operated since 1993. To combat the natural decline in oil production and respond to the growing needs of the country, in partnership with the Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures of Cameroon, it has chosen to develop the LNG market.

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