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Kenya: Renowned Prostitute Retires in Nairobi, Receives Land Gift Worth Sh120,000
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Posted on October 16, 2020, 9:05 am
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Sarah Mutero, 49-year old renowned Kenyan commercial sex worker in Nairobi has been offered land worth Sh120,000 after she decided to retire from the trade in which she openly lived for many years.

Renowned Commercial Sex Worker Drops Job in Nairobi, Receives Land Gift Worth Sh120,000

Mutero received a parcel of land worth Sh120,000 from one Mr. Stanley Ngara aka King of Condoms of LVCT  who is spearheading a program to retire sex workers in a humane way in Makuyu, Murang’a County.

 Some well-wishers are promising to gather funds and build her a house as support and encouragement for her decision.

For Mr. Ngara said sex workers have played an important role in the fight against HIV/Aids. Society has a negative perception of sex workers but in reality, they are in the front line in prevention of sexually transmitted diseases,” said Ngara.

The lady revealed she has worked as a commercial sex worker for 22 years during which she services hundreds of men in her hometown of Embu, Nairobi city centre and in Majengo.

Making a detailed confession on her past life, Mutero says in her younger years, she would service 20 or more men in a day in her younger years. With age, hard times and competition in the sector, she now managed four customers daily making an average of 100 men per month and for 22 years she took care of an estimated figure of over 28,000 men.

Sarah Mutero, 49-year old renowned Kenyan commercial sex worker in the capital city of Nairobi

“It is not an easy thing to satisfying such a big number of men, some being ruthless, yet we end up poor. We earn peanuts that we can’t even save. Everything I have earned in servicing needy men went to clothes, shelter and food for my children as well as education,” she said.

According to the Nairobi commercial sex business, how much one is paid is determined by her standard and location. Working in a village like Majengo where Mutero worked, a session popularly called “shot” goes for Sh100 meanwhile in the city the same services costs Sh200 and higher, according to local sources.

In the Majengo village, these workers rent mud houses for Sh4,500 per month and have to close business at 11pm.

According to local media report, Mutero was among sellers who spent the night while others with young children or those whose husbands are not aware what they do for living go home early.

“If a shot is Sh100 how many men do you have to sleep with to make ends meet? Many. That is why we don’t disregard customers as far as they can pay and are above 18 years. Though I am old, young men prefer me because we treat them well, and if they are beginners we show them… My clients are aged between 18 and 35 years,” Mutero revealed in an interview.

Majengo, Nairobi

Mutero’s motive for drawing curtains to her business is because she was among the old sex workers in the city and wants to set a precedent for her workmates amongst whom some are in their 60s.

“Young women are taking over. I also find it weird when some customers we meet tell me I served them five or ten years ago. They wonder how I am still alive and in the business. I have turned down many asking to marry me, especially after I give them delightful sex,” she said.

A mother of two sons, Mutero adds that; “I want to retire and settle down quietly. I am not addicted to a point I will retreat to the streets. No, I just want quiet life with my children and I am not interested in getting a husband.”

 “My children respect me and I suspect they know I am a sex worker. They have prayed that I shift from what I am doing.  I wish my children do not get into this business or seek sex from prostitutes,” she said.

Sarah Mutero, 49-year old renowned Kenyan commercial sex worker in Nairobi

While this job is considered by many is immoral and void of self dignity, Mutero thinks that if one must do it and earn money, she must drop all moral values and be committed.

Though not ashamed of her old life, this lady does not want her children to get into it she would rather stop and trim them off the line while she still can.

What is your view about prostitution?

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