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ASSOBACAM Makes Remarkable Increase in Banana Exportation within a Month
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Posted on October 13, 2020, 10:43 am
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According to the Banana Association of Cameroon (ASSOBACAM), Cameroon exported 17,939 tons of bananas in September 2020 which is 4,957 tons more than the exports made in August (12,982 tons).

Cameroon Banana Export

This amount of tons was realized by the different banana plantation companies in Cameroon like the Plantations du Haut Penja (PHP), Boh Plantations and the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC).

The Plantations du Haut Penja (PHP), a local subsidiary of French group exported 15,360 tons of bananas against 10,675 tons which it exported in the previous months.  

CDC Banana

Though affected woefully by the ongoing Anglophone crisis, the CDC Plantation exports rose from 112 to 1200 tons in August 2020 and to 1,312 tons in September 2020.  

The Boh Plantations which is the third operator in the Cameroonian banana market is said to have completed the figures, rising from 1,106 tons in the previous month to 1,267 tons.

Plantations du Haut Penja (PHP) Cameroon

The banana exporters operating in Cameroon were more dynamic in October 2019. According to data compiled by ASSOBACAM, they exported 15,953 tons of banana in October 2019 but the exports dropped by over 6,500 tons in Feb 2020.

CDC Bananas

The current rise could be attributed to the slowdown of the measures against the COVID-19 Pandemic and the opening up of more borders for exportation.

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