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Cameroon: Stand Up for Cameroon Invites Cameroonians to Join in Peaceful Means to Oust Biya Regime
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Posted on September 30, 2020, 10:59 am
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Stand Up for Cameroon (SUFC) movement has called on Cameroonians to unite for peaceful non-violent means to oust Head of State President Paul Biya’s regime which they have termed “barbaric”.

Stand Up for Cameroon

This was said at a press conference that was held in Douala, Littoral Region on Tuesday, September 29th, 2020 that focused on “the political situation, the arrests and the violations that go with it, and the pooling of energies for the departure of the Biya regime and the Political Transition.”

Speaking as member of the movement, Edith Kabang Walla, leader of the Cameroon People’s Party (CPP) said, “Let us come together as oppressed Cameroonians without divides of tribe, language or culture to put an end to our oppressor President Paul Biya and his friends and family members.”

According to Walla, over 80 percent of Cameroonians nationwide live below the poverty line today despite riches that Cameroon is blessed with. She blamed all this to the ruling regime of President Biya who is now known to be the longest-serving President in Africa and will soon clock 38 come November 2020.

Walla also condemned the brutalization, and arrest of peaceful protesters of the nationwide protest of September 22nd, 2020 organized by the leaders of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM), Prof. Maurice Kamto against the ruling Biya regime.

President Paul Biya

To her, the attitude of the military towards civilians “…should be a message and a warning signal to all Cameroonians that no one is safe; either you protest or not, as far as you are not in the ruling class, the regime considers you as an enemy for being a witness of their poor governance,” Walla maintained.

The movement in this press conference also called for an “unconditional release” of four of its members unlawfully arrested in Douala on the 19th of September 2020, before the September 22nd protest. She equally condemned the arrest of hundreds on the protest day, calling for their release. She says it was their constitutional right.

As explained by Walla, “After attending a meeting at the SUFC headquarters, the boys were arrested on their way home and taken to the gendarmerie legion in Bonanjo Douala. After some days, they have been transferred to New Bell central prison in Douala. Today, they are being charged for insurrection, revolution and conspiracy. How can armless Cameroonians, after attending a meeting be levied such charges?”

In justification to why SUFC was absent at the September 22nd 2020 nationwide protest, Walla said the time frame didn’t favor them but says discussions are ongoing for a more collective protest.

Stand Up for Cameroon Press Conference in Douala

“We started discussions on the nationwide protests with the progressive forces on the 13th of September when the protest was already planned for the 22nd. Though we agreed on the point that President Paul Biya should be removed through peaceful nonviolent protest, the time frame for the protest did not favour members of SUFC. That notwithstanding, we are still in discussion with the progressive forces for a more collective protest to achieve our collective goal,” said Walla.

 “This Friday October 2nd is a special Friday in Black. Cameroonians should wear black and go about their activities. This is a nonviolent action but with a powerful message of indignation and change in the eyes of national and international community,” said
Frank Essi, secretary general of Cameroon People’s Party, CPP.

Arrested member of STand Up For Cameroon

Stand Up for Cameroon is a coalition of political parties, civil society groups, nongovernmental organizations and individuals who are determined to liberate themselves from the ruling regime. During the press conference, they invited Cameroonians to take the habit of wearing black every Friday as a means to denounce poor governance and call for a political transition.

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