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Cameroon: Kamto Predicts He Might be Arrested Again
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Posted on September 29, 2020, 10:49 am
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The political leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) Prof. Maurice Kamto has predicted he might against be arrested in the coming days. He says the arrest could be in connection to the September 22nd, 2020 nationwide protest against the Head of State President Paul Biya.

Prof. Maurice Kamto

Since September 20th, two days to his organized protest, the opposition leader has been under house arrest as the government forces encircled his residence in the country’s political capital, Yaounde.

Though Kamto did not take part in the protest, CRM militants and other protest supporters braved government orders against any protest and turned out in major cities of the country. However, a good number of the protesters ended up in military custody.n a tweet on September 28police th, Prof. Kamto maintains that, “Wherever the appropriate solution comes from, including from ORDINARY CITIZENS, we will be part of the movement to achieve change together in the best interest of Cameroon. This is and remains possible because a people determined to fight for their freedom is invincible.”

While government threatens to ban the political party for alleged misconducts against the law of the state, it says investigations will be opened against those arrested in the course of the September 22nd protests that held nationally and internationally.


However, Prof. Kamto still holds that the return to socio-political peace and stability in Cameroon will only come if Cameroonians stand up for their democratic responsibilities.

In a tweet on September 26th, Kamto said, “Anyone who believes that peace in the NOSO and elsewhere and the consensual reform of the electoral system are prerequisites for the country's recovery must take responsibility before history and the sovereign people who will ultimately be the main actor in their own liberation.”

Prof. Maurice Kamto

“Our time has undoubtedly come to confront once again the state violence of an outdated regime,’ the opposition leader stressed in another tweet, adding that “Arbitrariness and barbarism cannot overcome the determination of the Cameroonian people to free themselves from tyranny.”

Meanwhile, the CRM claims over 600 of its supporters were arrested during the September 22 protests, including Kamto’s spokesperson Olivier Bibou Nissack.

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