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Cameroon: Tibor Nagy Says ‘Disappointed at Arrest, Mistreatment of Peaceful Protesters, Journalists’
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Posted on September 25, 2020, 8:38 am
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The US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, Tibor Nagy in reaction to the September 22nd protest in Cameroon has expressed disappointment to the treatment meted on the ‘peaceful protesters’.

Tibor Nagy Says ‘Disappointed at Arrest, Mistreatment of Peaceful Protesters, Journalists’

Nagy in a tweet to Prof. Maurice Kamto, opposition leaders of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) on September 23rd, 2020 says a country is stronger when citizens can ‘peacefully make their voices heard’.  

"I am disappointed to hear of the arrests and mistreatment of some peaceful protesters and journalists yesterday in Cameroon. Our countries are stronger when citizens peacefully make their voices heard and elected leaders engage with those who disagree with them," Nagy’s tweet read.

While protesters (both militants of the CRM and other civilians) took to the streets in support of their political opposition leader, reports came that the Prof. Maurice Kamto and other influential politicians in support of his move were held under house arrest.

military arrest protesters in Douala

In the political capital, Yaounde, all roads leading to the CRM leader’s residence are said to have been blocked by government forces to prevent any possible protest. Meanwhile their residences were also encircled by the military to prevent them from showing up for the protest.

It should be recalled that in 2018 after the elections, Prof. Kamto claimed to have won the elections and his part accused the government of election malpractices. They took to the streets in protest and were also arrested and kept in prison for months.

In response to this, Nagy also wrote in disagreement, using the government to release Kamto. The Cameroonian government “must ensure that Maurice Kamto has been arrested and jailed for legitimate reasons. I really think it would be wise to release him,” he said. 

Tibor Nagy

“The arrest and prolonged detention of several leaders of an opposition party, including its leader Maurice Kamto, and a large number of protesters and supporters, as well as the opening of disproportionate proceedings against them military justice, increases the political malaise in Cameroon. The rule of law calls for fair justice and the release of detainees against whom evidentiary evidence cannot be presented,” Nagy further reacted.

However, Cameroonians have come to the point of accepting their fate as they prove resilience against the government.

Before the September 22nd protest, government officials from across the national territory had warned the party against staging the protest and promised to arrest and punish protesters for attempting to destabilize the country as well as contributing to the propagation of the COVID-19.

military in yaounde

"I want to sound a stern warning to unscrupulous politicians looking for cheap popularity with a hidden agenda that they will face the law in case of any public disorder," Atanga Nji said in a release that followed the revelation of Kamto’s plans. "Administrative authorities have been instructed to take necessary measures to maintain law and order," the minister added.

Since then, the government has also banned public gatherings of opposition political party members in most cities and towns.  

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