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Cameroon: Kamto Says Protesters Pushed “Power of Yaoundé to Show the World its True Face”
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Posted on September 23, 2020, 12:46 pm
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“Arbitrariness and barbarism will not win out the determination of the Cameroonian populations to free themselves from the tyranny of a dictatorial regime. Cameroonians, you can be proud to have pushed the power of Yaoundé to show the world its true face,” Prof. Maurice Kamto tweeted this morning as he encouraged the Cameroonians who braved all odds to turn out for the protest.

Maurice Kamto

On his tweeter page, the opposition leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) said “Cameroonians have shown heroic courage in the face of an unprecedented deployment of the regime's repressive machine, worthy of a state of siege, which created a terror-ridden atmosphere, caused innocent victims, many wounded, including by bullets.”

He further describes the anti-biya protest as “peaceful”, “patriotic” and “republican” as he congratulated all who turned out despite the visible challenges that loomed.


"The peaceful, patriotic and republican Marches of 22 September 2020 were a resounding success. Warm congratulations to the Cameroonian populations who have gone out in large numbers." Political parties & Concerned Civil Society Organizations,” Kamto wrote.

The protest was initially staged to pressure the ruling President Paul Biya’s Regime to step down as Kamto holds that they have “failed”. He and some human right groups have attributed the persisting arm conflict in the English-speaking North West and South West Regions to the inability of the regime in force to take appropriate responsibility of its citizens.


To the self-proclaimed winner of the 2018 Presidential Elections, turning out for this protest was just a way by which Cameroonians “expressed their opposition to the continuation of the civil war in the North-West and South-West regions, and to the maintenance of an iniquitous electoral system which makes democratic expression of the Cameroonian people impossible.”

“We are not to be fooled: a people that have been in chains for so long cannot be freed overnight. The Peaceful Marches of 22 September 2020 are therefore only a starting point. The people of the resistance must stay awake and more mobilized than ever.” Coalition,” the opposition leader said in another tweet.

Maurice Kamto

He has promised that the protests will continue until the objective is attained. “A powerful force arose on 22 September 2020. It must continue its course until it reaches its goals, otherwise the peaceful marches will continue, to call for the departure from power of Mr. Paul BIYA and his regime,” Kamto has insisted.

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