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Cameroon-CRM Protest: Over Five Press Men Arrested On Their Job
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Posted on September 22, 2020, 12:00 am
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While Kamto’s organized anti-biya protest hits up the nation, the absence of press freedom has once more been demonstrated. Over five press men were arrested in the course of their media coverage.

journalists arrested

Journalists are the channel through which information gets to the public but journalism is increasingly becoming a hard task for Cameroon news reports as journalists are scared away from scenes of happenings.

About five reporters have were arrested today, September 22nd, 2020 as they turned out to follow up the anti-biya protests organized by the opposition leader Prof. Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Party (CRM).

journalist arrested for covering Kamto's protest

According to reports, the journalists have remained all-day in the keeping of the military who took them off their field of work without any lawful reason. Despite the fact that government had banded public manifestations, journalists are new hunters by their nature of job and should not be expected to stay indoors while things are happening.

The arrested journalists during today’s protest hem are: Tah Mai Jarvis,  Lindovi Ndjio arrested in Yaounde (Journalist, La Nouvelle Expression), Rodrigue Ngassi Yaounde (Camaraman, Equinoxe TV) and Tebong Christian apprehended in Douala (Camaraman for My Media Prime).

journalist arrested during protest against biya

The Committee to Protect Journalists, (CPJ) in a tweet has urged the government to give journalists the freedom for their job, says it is investigating arrests.

“Investigating reports of at least 3 journalists arrested in Douala while covering opposition protests, incl. Tah Mai Jarvis, Tebong Christian & Lindovi Ndijo. Authorities must allow the press to report. The protests are newsworthy & citizens have a right to know,” the CNJ has tweeted in response to the arrests.

free press

As it is, these are not the first victims of such arrests in Cameroon as a long list of journalists are under police custody while many have even lost their lives in prison pending judgment for doing their job.

Journalism is not a crime.

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