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Cameroon:Time for actions no longer talk: Minister Georges Elanga Obam charges NASLA top brass
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Posted on September 21, 2020, 12:00 am
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The minister of Decentralisation and Local Development, Georges Elanga Obam has challenged the top management of the National Advanced School of Local Administration best known by its acronym NASLA to swing into action in training staff to serve in the local administrative setups in the country.

Time for actions no longer talk: Minister Georges Elanga Obam charges NASLA top brass

“We want to have a school that is functioning, that is delivering results, that is training people who can be useful for local authorities. It is no longer time for talks, it is time for actions.  So the challenge they have is that at the end of the school year, we should have people trained able to work in councils and regions on technical matters, financial matters and administrative matters”. Minister Georges Elanga Obam

He made the comment on the Friday 18 September 2020 in Buea during the installation of the pioneer Director General, his deputy and the members of the board of directors of the institution. NASLA was one of the major results of the Major products that resulted from the recommendations of the major national dialogue to train competent and qualified staff for local administrations such as regional councils and local councils across the country.

The new team at NASLA is led by Mouhtar Ousman Mey as board chair and ten other board members. The other board members are drawn from the presidency of the Republic, the Prime Minister’s office, ministry of Decentralisation and Local Development, Finance, Territorial Administration, Public Service and Administrative Reforms, Higher Education, FEICOM, and representatives of local administrations. According to the minister, the board chair, board members, General Manager have all it takes to assume their daunting tasks of improving on the quality of the human resources of local authorities.

Minister Georges Elanga Obam charges NASLA top brass

The importance of the new school of local administration is boasted by a census conducted in 2019, by the Ministry of Decentralisation, and Local Development, which showed that more than 70% of workers in councils, have qualifications below the standard, while about 80% are temporary or seasonal staff. The statistics according to the minister shows that local administrations are under equipped with the technical competencies needed in the management of the powers devolved to them with the consequence being that the decentralisation process cannot move on a smooth footing as prescribed by the president of the Republic.

Thus he charged the General Manager and his deputy to be at the forefront of training of the human resources needed for the smooth take off of the process of decentralisation in Cameroon by training the staff both the regional and local authorities as well as elected officials.

The National Advanced School of Local Administration emerged from the ruins of the Local Government Training Centre who were tasked with training local officials. However NASLA will give more competency and efficiency to staff who will serve in the ever more powerful local administration. This is because the government is strengthening its zeal to devolve more powers to local administrations.


Following the deliberation and passing of the law instituting the general code on local authorities and its subsequent promulgation into law by the President of the Republic, the president signed decree No 2020/111 of March 2 2020 creating NASLA. Subsequent decrees from the president of the Republic further appointed the General Manager Tanyi Tiku Enoh Achuo Bayee and his deputy Ledwine Ongolo Nyangnuinda.

Reacting to the appointment and installation of the top brass of NASLA, the Nigerian Consul to the North West and Southwest regions, Ibrahim Mohammed Bashir said it was the right step in the right direction. “It is the right step in the right direction and is one of the important process of the decentralisation. The board of directors from their CV and the General Manager and his deputy are very young vibrant people and I wish them the best”. Added the diplomat.


The pioneer General Manager of NASLA is a Senior Administrative official born on the 6 May 1975 in Yaounde to Tanyi Tiko Bayee Martin and Ojong Esther Oben from Manyu Division. He graduated from ENAM in 2003, he served as an assistant research officer in the department of legislative and statutory affairs in the Prime Minister’s office. He was redeployed four years later in the same capacity to the department of the administrative affairs and petitions of the Prime Minister’s office and promoted to the post of Research officer in the same department in 2007. He rose to the post of attaché in the public and institutional affairs division in the Prime Minister’s office in 2016, where he served until March 2020 when he was appointed pioneer General Manager of NASLA. He is married and father of four.

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