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Cameroon: Access to Legal Timber Remains a Major Constraint for the Development of SMEs-FAO
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Posted on September 15, 2020, 12:00 am
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The Food and Agriculture Organization-FAO of the United Nations through its FAO-EU Flegt program has published a release revealing that access to legal timber remains a major constraint for the development of Small and Medium Size Enterprises-SMEs in the timber processing industry in Cameroonian.

FAO-EU Flegt program

According to the note 73% of the word represents the share of illegal wood supplied to the domestic market and its operators because, "The proportion of sawn timber supplied in the domestic market from legal sources is estimated at only 27% of the total volume of timber” circulating in markets of the main cities in the country.

Through the program the organization indicated that in 2016, it was able to aid 142 operators in the secondary wood processing industry to comply with legal provisions.

FAO-EU Flegt program

Equally in 2019, the federation of secondary wood processing operators Fecaprobois was able to sensitize 140 operators, including 26 women.

With its FAO-UE Flegt program, FAO is working to reverse the trend of illegal wood supply in Cameroon and other more than 20countries around the world.


Training on legal requirements in the industry was given to 35 operators and 142 SMEs, secondary wood processing operators, and members of forest communities in northern Cameroon with the support of Fecaprobois in collaboration with the chamber of commerce.

FAO-EU Flegt program-2017

The FAO-EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Program seeks to reduce and eventually eliminate illegal logging. It provides technical support and resources to projects in 23 countries.

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