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Cameroon: Importation and Smuggling from Nigeria will hurt the Sugar market in Q4-2020- SOSUCAM Warns
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Posted on September 15, 2020, 12:00 am
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According to the Sugar Valley News, SOSUCAM-sugar producer has estimated that the Cameroonian sugar market could be distorted in the Q4-2020.  

SOSUCAM Products

This was revealed in its September, 2020 edition of its monthly magazine.

The fall in the number of cubes produced from imported sugar and sugar smuggling from Nigeria that could be caused by fluctuations in its currency are the two factors which would contribute to this distortion, according to SOSUCAM.


However, after the overall activity slowdown caused by the Covid-19, the sugar producer believes that the domestic sugar demand will rise.

Equally, school resumption and the gradual relaunch of business operations, according to SOSUCAM will be the main boosters to expansion in demand.


With these estimations, the company projects that the demand will at the end of this year become higher.

Meantime, the company’s distribution networks has chosen products that guarantee maximum security and traceability so as to meet consumers’ requests concerning quality and safety, it has indicated


SOSUCAM is leader of the market and barely produces 130,000 tons but her national yearly demand is estimated at 300,000 tons.

Information from the Ministry of Finance shows that for Cameroon to import 15,575 tons of sugar in the first quarter of 2020 to meet national demand, the country spent XAF3.9 billion.

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