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Cameroon: CBM, PCRS trains volunteers on inclusive humanitarian actions
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Posted on September 14, 2020, 12:00 am
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Over fifty volunteers drawn from Fako and Meme Divisions of the South West region have been drilled on how to design and administer questionnaires as well as to do need assessment for persons with disabilities, internally displaced person and their host communities.

The goal of the training was explained by Rita Acha, Disability Inclusive Development Officer for the Christian Blind Mission, CBM country office. “Participants are expected to know how to administer questionnaires and how to do needs assessment for persons with disabilities on the field, IDPs and the host communities. The objective is to equip them with all the tools on disability inclusion, on the Washington Group short set of questions, what are those questions and how do you proceed in asking those questions in order to obtain relevant data on the field”.

CBM, PCRS trains volunteers on inclusive humanitarian actions

The training workshop for volunteers falls within the inclusive humanitarian action project which has been launched by the PCC through the Presbyterian Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services PCRS, funded by CBM and other partners.

The training of volunteers is to ensure that the rights person and taken and their needs well assessed to make sure that the necessary help can be channelled to the right quarters. Thus according to the trainers, the goal is to make sure that persons who are beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries of the project are not at risk of being exploited, violated or neglected.

The expectation from participants at the training was to help them understand data analysis, data management and data flow. “So it is a workshop just to empower them on how to make entry into the community, have relevant information and how to do their job effectively as volunteers”. Added Acha Rita

Since the outbreak of the Anglophone crisis in late 2016, experts say persons with disabilities have been really affected in terms of neglect by humanitarian actors with lack of advocacy initiatives to get humanitarian actors to be inclusive in their programs and actions. Persons with various forms of disabilities have suffered many violation of their human rights by the different opposing camps in the conflict.

Thus with the implementation of the inclusive humanitarian action plan, CBM and the PCRS will reach out to people with disabilities with assistive devices, medical consumables and to raise awareness for the different humanitarian actors in the health sector, at the national and local level. These activities according to Acha Rita will enable people with disabilities to become advocates of their own rights.

The project according to Kinkoh Thomas, Project Officer for the Project on Disability Inclusion in Health is to ensure that poverty is alleviated amongst persons living with disabilities and to ensure inclusion during interventions on persons that have been displaced from the various communities as a result of the crisis in the North West and Southwest regions”.

The beneficiaries of the project will benefit from none food items, materials to support their wellbeing like dignity kits for women that will include sanitary pads, soup, buckets and some other basic materials. Persons with different types of impairments will benefit eyeglasses, clutches, eye drops, and other medical materials that people will be needing in the field as a result of the data that will be collected.

CBM, PCRS trains volunteers on inclusive humanitarian actions

The volunteers will focus their data collection efforts on women and children is because they are particularly more vulnerable. Some persons with disabilities are not able to access distribution points when other humanitarian actors or government agencies deliver aid to needy communities.

CBM is a humanitarian organisation that was founded over one hundred years ago with main objective being to ensure that persons with disabilities realise their objectives and their vision in life. CBM works mostly with faith based organisations like the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, Cameroon Baptist Convention, and CARITAS.

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