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Cameroon: Think beyond your certificates: Orock Thomas Eyong challenges youths
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Posted on September 14, 2020, 2:58 pm
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Youths in the Southwest region have been challenged to think beyond their certificates and the fact that the government can absorb everybody. The call was made by Orock Thomas Eyong, the regional delegate at the ministry of employment and vocational training during the 2020 edition of the job creation conference.

Think beyond your certificates: Orock Thomas Eyong challenges youths

The goal of the job creation conference according to the regional delegation of Employment and Vocational Training includes helping youths acquire skills, ideas and strategies on how to start and sustain their own businesses.

The conference brought in youths from across the region including students, job seekers, entrepreneurs, employers and government officials. Thus it presents an opportunity for job seeker and potential employers to connect. Youths were given presentations by successful entrepreneurs, knowledge on support structures that can assist them business ideas and also to discuss and debate ways to curb unemployment.

According to the delegate, the government is now a facilitator of employment with this type of opportunities by helping to connect youths with opportunities. “. We decided to organise this conference because the government cannot absorb everybody, thus the government has moved from being a job provider to a facilitator”.

Think beyond your certificates: Orock Thomas Eyong challenges youths

“Unemployment and poverty breed instability in every system and the current problems we are facing in Cameroon is as a result of youth unemployment, drugs, delinquency and others. I think it is for this reason that we decided to organise this conference to change the mind set of young Cameroonians from job seekers to job creators to be self-employed”. Added Orock Thomas Eyong

Experts have pointed out the fact that vibrant economies in the world with low employment is usually triggered by a strong private sector not the public sector. The private sector in these countries create jobs and better opportunities for young people reducing the consequences of unemployment in the society.

Most young Cameroonian work in slave-like conditions with wages or salaries that cannot sustain them. On the other hand, most graduates remain unemployed because most employers demand many years of experience before they can hire fresh graduates. Sadly most of these nations often refuse recruiting young graduates as volunteers, while some volunteer for years without any pay.

Think beyond your certificates: Orock Thomas Eyong challenges youths

 Some of the participants at the Youths Conference expressed their desire to get new ideas and opportunities on how to create of get jobs. “I expect them to given us more ideas on job creation and self-employment in line with the theme of this conference”. According to Ayah Ndip Arrey

“I think one of the greatest challenges youths are facing in terms of employment is the lack of skills and talent. More often, companies and organisations look for experience, but most youths lack the experience that these companies need”. Appreciated the opportunity presented by the youth conference Isabelle Teghen

This conference is to enable you to tap the untapped gold, to become future entrepreneurs. To be rich, be your own master. We have brought role models, people who can actually activate you, motivate you to understand that you can make it on your own. Orock Thomas added.

Think beyond your certificates: Orock Thomas Eyong challenges youths

Despite the numerous challenges presented by youths about creating and getting jobs, Orock Thomas urged the young people to exercise more self-confidence ideas as there are many bodies that can assist start-ups. “Cameroon is trying to liberalise its economy and we have structures like the ‘One stop shop’ which has really facilitated the registration of companies. I believe that sometimes when you want to start, you start without the government even intervening. You don’t need a CV, non-conviction to start your own business, so the government has actually provided a level environment, but we are still to meet up those needs”

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