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Cameroon: Buea Mayor on war footing against Urban Disorder in Municipality
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Posted on September 14, 2020, 12:00 am
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The Mayor of the Buea Municipality David Mafani Namange has continued his war against urban disorder within his area of command with the destruction of some unruly structures. Since his election, the Mayor had promise to make the municipality better than he met it by facing up to those who build haphazard houses with due authorisation.

David Mafani Namange

Overseeing the destruction of part of a two storey building in the Mini-coquet neighbourhood in Buea, the mayor expressed his regret, however adding that it was as a result of stubbornness on the path of the owner. “…we are doing this with a lot of regret because it involves destruction and demolition of a property which has been improperly implanted into the road. Before today, the technical team of the council came here months ago and stopped the owner even before he added this portion which is being demolished, but he went ahead and plastered the notification on the wall”.

 The Mayor stressed the need for denizens of the municipality to respect the guidelines in the building plans they submit to the Council for approval. He also challenged those who do not submit their building plans to the Council to do so, in order to ensure that their plans fall within the development plan of the entire city of Buea.


David Mafani Namange reminded people living in the municipality to make sure that they respect the law which says that houses should be built 3m from an existing road. The same law requires that people who plan to add a fence, must add another meter to make it 4m.

The Buea Council chief executive was quick to point out the fact that despite their effort to encourage the home owner to respect the law, he violated it repeatedly. “In this situation, he virtually added his staircase into the road and we served him a demolition notice more than a month ago through a bailiff, instead he continued with the construction and we even came today and met them continuing with the construction works”


“…tempering justice with mercy only results in urban disorder” added the Mayor as he warned that he will fight urban disorder no matter how powerful the person propagating the disorder is, rather it is a duty to do what is right.

“So this exercise is the continuation of what we have been doing and should serve as an eye opener and a warning to others, because we are not afraid of any person, no matter the class, but a matter of doing what is right”. He stressed.


David Namange congratulated some of the denizens who had taken the difficult decision to demolish parts of their houses designated for demolition by the council. He was those who are yet to respect council directives and warnings to prepare for the days ahead saying it they are just flag bearers in the development drive of the municipality. “Our intention is to have Buea developed and we cannot do it on our own we just have the mandate to be like the flag bearer and lead the team”.

The cost of the demolition of structures that do not obey laid down rules guiding the construction of houses is borne according to the mayor by the owner.

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