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Cameroon: CPDM Sanctions 90 Militants for Election Misconduct During February Twin Polls
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Posted on September 14, 2020, 11:14 am
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Some 90 militants of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Party (CPDM) have been meted sanctions over election misconducts recorded during the last Municipal and Legislative elections of February 2020.

CPDM Political party

According to the state media reports, the sanctions were placed by the disciplinary committee of the CPDM party after examining files of close to a hundred party members over violation of party rules during the February twin polls.

The committee proceeded with hearing of the cases on individual bases for a period of one week before sending a final report to the party’s hierarchy for the necessary sanctions to take effect.


In a press release of September 9, the 90 party members were found guilty of diverse irregularities in respecting party rules during the said elections and have been sanctioned according to categories of their offenses.

Following this release, the sanctioned members who come from across the 10 regions of the country have been grouped into 10 categories, ranging from warnings, and suspension to complete dismissal from the party.

Diplinary committee CPDM

These categories and number of militants sanctioned includes; -letter of observation following a call to order, 1 member -Off course, 11 members -Blame, 26 members, -Relieved from functions, 1 member -Suspension for 6 months, 1 member -Suspension for 12 months, 13 members -Suspension for 18 months, 5 members -Suspension for 24 months, 1 member
Suspension for 36 months, 24 members and 1 member Dismissed.


For Director of the CPDM Academy and member of the committee, Prof Elvis Ngole Ngole this will also serve as sensitization for members on the internal rules and regulations of the party.

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