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Cameroon: President Biya Invited to Colloquium in Brazzaville on Restoring African Dignity
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Posted on September 14, 2020, 10:20 am
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The Congolese President Denis Sassou Nguesso, through his foreign affairs minister, Jean Claude Gakosso has invited Cameroon’s Head of State President Paul Biya to a major colloquium that is to take place in Brazzaville, Congo on 24 October 2020.

Jean Claude Gakosso - Minister of Foreign Affairs meets President Biya

“I received a special invitation from Congolese President Denis Sassou Nguesso to attend a major colloquium in Brazzaville on 24 October 2020, delivered by Jean Claude Gakosso - Minister of Foreign Affairs,” President Biya Twitted.

The Congolese foreign Affairs minister made placed his friendly message and invitation during his recent visit to President Biya in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Minister Gakosso said the October meeting is to focus on neo-colonialism, restoration of Africa's pride and building the continent’s image on the global scene and will gather African Heads of States.

Jean Claude Gakosso - Minister of Foreign Affairs

While many have welcomed the idea of this colloquium with mixed reactions, inviting President Biya is an interesting part that is making news on social media platforms following criticisms towards his regime.

For quite some time now, may have viewed an accused President Biya to be among the presidents in the French African region, who stand as a hindrance to the freedom of his people from French influence.

Looking at the colloquium to focus on restoring African dignity both nationally and internationally, it stands as a contradiction to the fact that most of the leaders to take part have either outlived their mandates, changed the constitution to remain in power or have served for several decades, according to public opinion.

President Biya Invited to Colloquium in Brazzaville on Restoring African Dignity

However, some think placing the questions on real democracy in the continent will be vital to this meeting given the argument that the continent’s miseries stem from bad governance which should be redressed.

“We could have even being better off under European role than these dictator leaders we have already in Africa who have hindered development through bad governance. How can the richest continent (Africa) in the world, in terms of natural resources, be the poorest in terms of wealth?” a commentator has opined.

Brazavill, Congo

Meanwhile most Cameroonians have concluded that President Biya will not honor his invitation to partake in person but will dedicate a representative as has recently been the case for almost all meetings of such vitality.

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