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Cameroon: To Reduce Market Prices of Milled Rice, SEMRY Requests for Subsidies
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Posted on September 11, 2020, 4:08 pm
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To help reduce the prices of milled rice in Cameroonian markets, Fissou Kouma, the general director of Society for the Expansion and Modernization of Rice (SEMRY) has suggested that the Cameroonian government should increase its subsidies to the company.


This was in a recent interview published in the Ministry of Agriculture’s magazine, Minader infos.

“We would like to request improvement of the production tools. We would also like to kindly notify the government about the necessity of increasing the budget allocated for the purchase of paddy rice and the elaboration of a mechanism aimed at helping SEMRY easily transport its end products to the remote consumption site of Mayo-Danay,” Fissou Kouma said.

SEMRY rice

“It is worth mentioning that the price of inputs, like artificial fertilizers, is too high for most f the rice producers who cannot afford it. So, they strongly demand a state subsidy to balance their operating accounts. This will lead to a drop in paddy rice production costs and ultimately a decrease in the prices of milled rice in markets,” he added.


According to the company information, it collaborates with 20,000 rice-growing households of about 160,000 people in Yagoua, a locality in the Far North Region of Cameroon, who derive most of their income from rice production.


Following the magazine, every year, the region derives over CFAF6 billion from the rice sector. Meanwhile, SEMRY just entered the processing and marketing sectors in Cameroon recently, buying paddy rice from producers, mills and selling them in local markets.

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