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Cameroon: Over 800 Health Workers have Contracted Covid-19 in Cameroon, 20 Dead -OCHA
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Posted on September 11, 2020, 3:52 pm
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Over 800 health workers have contracted the Coronavirus in Cameroon since March, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Central Africa.

covid-19 in cameroon

According to their compiled data, about 20 of these workers have died. Meanwhile the most affected regions have been: the Littoral with 215 cases, the West with 134 cases and the North-West with 119 cases.

By July 2020, the regional office of World Health Organization (WHO) in Africa had reported that 780 health care workers have been affected by the virus across Cameroon.

OCHA Cameroon

Although by this time there had been an apparent decline in the number of new cases, WHO observed that the country’s high attack rate could be attributed to low testing level.

“Its high attack rate and the relatively large number of affected healthcare workers continue to be of concern,” the WHO added.

Health worker

As per the report, Cameroon has recorded a relatively high number of affected health workers in the Central African countries which was an indication of limited infection control in health facilities, according to the officials.

The UN health agency advised that authorities in Cameroon need to review their current targeted testing policy to more accurately reflect the extent of the coronavirus pandemic outbreak in the country.


“At the same time infection control policies in health facilities should be investigated in view of the high number of health worker infections reported,” it stated.

As of now, Cameroon has recorded 20,009 confirmed cases according to the Public Health Ministry with 18,837 recoveries, 415 deaths and 742 active cases

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