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Cameroon: Experts are Setting Path for the 2020/2030 Decade Rural Development Strategy
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Posted on September 10, 2020, 3:53 pm
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Since yesterday September 9th, 2020 experts have been meeting in Yaoundé, capital of Cameroon to discuss on the 2020 to 2030 decade rural development strategy.

MINADER Minister

The objective of the meeting is for the experts to adopt the document of rural sector development strategy with its national agricultural investment plan between2020-2030.

 “With a view to the emergence of 2035, there was a first phase which was supported by the strategy document for growth and employment, the rural sector development strategy, the national agricultural investment plan.” explained Gabriel Mbairobe, Cameroon Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development-MINADER.


The second phase according to the Minister was, “underpinned by the national development strategy document.”

Minister Mbairobe added that, “the rural sector, which is an important sector of our economy, should therefore ally itself not only with this document, but also with the international commitments made by the State,” Cameroon Tribune indicated.

rural development

"At the end of this workshop, Cameroon will have an excellent tool for economic and political steering in the rural sector", noted Dr. Athman Mravili, Food and Agricultural organization’s-FAO representative in Cameroon.

According to Tobias Ondoa Manga, the coordinator of the technical secretariat of the rural sector, agriculture needs to be reintegrated into the educational system so as to empower players in its field. These were his words, “We have to integrate agriculture into the education system because it is one of our strengths and therefore we have to be able to empower the players in the field.” He added that these players must “also be equipped with farm management.” reported Cameroon Tribune.


“We must also improve the production environment otherwise everyone will encourage young people to stay in the villages because they will have the means to earn a living” the coordinator added.

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