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Biggy237 Talent Show Halfway Gone, Organizers Promise Better Show in Next Edition
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Posted on September 7, 2020, 1:58 pm
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Biggy237, a talent-driven initiative in Cameroon is halfway to an end and despite challenges from national and international followers, the organizers have expressed determination to push harder forward for the best show in the coming editions.

The show kicked off on August 2nd, 2020 with 26 contestants who were assigned one or two tasks per day. Dropping out by eviction, eight contestants have been laid off.

Biggy237, a talent-driven initiative in Cameroon First Edition

The Founding Director of Biggy 237, Fred Keyanti explains that “Voting is then open for the public to decide via SMS to 8012, who is to leave Biggy’s house. The lowest 3 to 4 votes leaves the house.”

The show is at its first edition an expected to run for two months.

As explained by the Managing Director of the show, Cyril Akonteh it was first introduced as a pilot project called Big Brother Ndop, limited only to sons and daughters of Ndop and sponsored by a community initiative called WeLoveNdop.

Biggy237 house mates

Similar to the Big Brother Show in Nigeria, Biggy237 has the objective to encourage creativity amongst young Cameroonians, showcase their talents and also contribute to the development of the Cameroon entertainment industry, as explained by the Managing Director.

 “We need to fight negativity and believe in Cameroon…this has not been an easy journey as Cameroonians don’t always believe in their own. Many people first thought it was a scam,” the Founding Director Fred Keyanti opined.

Given that it is a live show, the audience’ involvement is also needed as well as external support in terms of sponsors but the organizers say very few people participate.

twiter caption

However, they say amid criticisms as well as encouragement, the Biggy 237 team has learnt a great deal and plan on staging a better show, come season two.

“Edition 2 will be far better; all lessons learned will be applied. We intend to build a new house that meets international standards if we secure the necessary funding on time,” explains the Founding Director.

Regarding COVID-19 modalities, organizers say the contesters all tested negative before stepping in for the show. “The contestants were all quarantined for 14 days and tested twice for COVID-19 before they entered the house. All those in the house tested negative for COVID-19,” the Founding Director revealed.


Despite the mixed feelings that usually accompany every startup, some Cameroonians have hailed the initiative and given suggestions on making the show better.

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