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Nigerian Speaker of Parliament to Discuss Issues Affecting Ghana-based Nigerians with Ghanaian Counterpart
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Posted on September 2, 2020, 12:35 pm
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Femi Gbajabiamila, the Speaker of the Nigeria's House of Representatives is on a mission to Ghana to meet with his Ghanaian counterpart following the recent diplomatic row, the forceful closure of shops belonging to Nigerian traders in Ghana.

According to Nigerian media sources he has said the main topic of discussion as he goes would be on issues that affect Nigerians based in Ghana.

Though the two countries’ ministers of information have been in discussion in relation to this particular issues, Lai Mohammed Nigeria's own minister has maintained that Ghana is deporting Nigerians and closing Nigerian-owned shops, an accusation which many which has drawn mix remarks even on social media.

However, Minister Kojo Nkrumah of Ghana's Information Ministry has said only Nigerians who were involved in criminal activities were deported. The Minister added that that all foreign shop owners who lacked documentation or whose were not in order had their shops sealed.

Minister Kojo Nkrumah of Ghana's Information Ministry

Following the recent accusation which was drawn from a viral video where shops were sealed, it was concluded that it was only shops owned by Nigerian contrary to what Ghana Minister later revealed.

Some Pressure groups had urged Nigeria to take an urgent step following the viral video that shows the forceful closure of shops which according to Minister Nkrumah was of all foreigners with complications and not just Nigerians.

While making the announcement on his tweeter account, Nigerian Foreign affairs minister, Geoffery Onyeama had expressed government dismay over the action.


ghana seals foreigners shops

The minister tweeted, “Nigerian Government has watched with dismay the painful videos of the forceful closure of the shops of Nigerian traders in #Ghana. Urgent steps will be taken.”

It should be noted that this issue came up barely six months after a major diplomatic building in the Nigerian embassy in Ghana was demolished overnight unheard of.

Femi Gbajabiamila

Meantime, Ghanaian authorities have said foreigners in Ghana are only allowed to open a business in Ghana if they can invest up to $1million, according to local sources.

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