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MINESEC Sets New School Regulations Against COVID-19 Ahead of 2020/2021 Academic Year
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Posted on August 24, 2020, 2:29 pm
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The minister of Secondary Education, Pauline Nalova Lyonga has put out new regulations for the upcoming school year. The motive of this new style is to limit the spread of the virus in school milieus.

scholl resumption

While she dished out the new rules for schools recently, the Minister assured that no matter the situation, schools must resume in Cameroon come October 2020.

For this to go effective, Minister Lyonga has instructed school authorities to take special precautions that will enable a safe learning space in their different institutions.

According to the Ministerial instructions, each school is expected to host not more than fifty students per class including repeaters from Form one to Upper sixth.

MINESEC Sets ne modalities for school resumption

The administrators will also have to divide the classes into morning and afternoon shifts. This means one group of the students will attend classes in the morning while another group comes in the evening. This, according to the minister, is to maintain an effective social distancing within the institutions.

In addition, the schools will have to implement distant learning as well as stop all Saturday classes while taking into consideration all sanitary measures against the propagation of the virus.

To ease this new learning strategies, school administrators are advised to concert on how to better implement them within their various institutions, then report any shortcomings or hindrances against achieving this objective to their Divisional Delegations of Secondary Education.


Regarding the report, it must contain the number of classes per school as well as the number of teachers and if more are needed, it should be indicated.

Meanwhile, school heads are required to indicate if they need more infrastructure, equipment, resource persons, and other difficulties but also to propose suitable solutions.

As concerns the classes, the length of time per subject is also required to appear in the report.

Covid-19 in schools

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cameroon, the educational sector has suffered a great pinch in terms of the learning process and scheduled syllable for the year. The government is therefore coming up with different means by which the upcoming academic year can be secured should the pandemic tarry.

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