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Beyond the Searing Scourge!
Category :- Literary Corner Author :- Decan F. Mbecha 
Posted on October 2, 2017, 12:00 am

Beyond the Searing Scourge!

I saw the sky darken, leaving me to wonder

If man has become words on a board of conundrums.

Leaders leaning on the pillar of mercy, yet withholding mercy

For the sake of which they do age on the seat of power,

Not for good governance, but a chance to re-examination and change.

A change which has for years eluded the expectations of the people,

And yeah, a change which God in His loving patience equally awaits.

How they batter and toss the minds of the people like a baseball!

How they watch unperturbed the country’s youth

Seared in the scourge of police brutality!

Isn’t there more to these lives lost

even as Christ Jesus descended to give abundantly?

Despite spiraling police persecutions and the waves of violence,

I sound a Nehemiah trumpet to a people,

determined to witness justice and walk in victory.

Bathe your battle in prayer; seek guidance for there is your armor.

Do not give ear to Sanballats and Tobiahs who shall scorn your faith.

Dream the Martin Luther dream!

Hold on to hope

The ruins of your city shall be rebuilt.

Gavel your resolve loud and clear

You shall succeed, you shall succeed, we shall succeed.


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