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In prelude to October 1st: Government reinforces security in NW/SW
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Posted on September 26, 2017, 12:00 am

As for October 1st, the day Anglophone "secessionist" have set aside to declare their independence or restore it as others prefer itches near, the government of Cameroon has ferried in armed riot police officers and combat ready gendarmes to the North West and South West Regions.

Barely twenty four hours after the September 22 peaceful protest which turn violent, more than ten seventy seater buses and five military trucks loaded with armed and masked security forces, entered the South West Regional Capital of Buea from Douala.

The same scenario is reported to have taken place in Bamenda as security elements were been ferried in from Baffussam to futile any plans of separatists in the town, described by many as the seat of the Anglophone struggle.

In Buea, not only have the streets been remilitarized, regular patrols by security forces, opinion leaders hold, rather instills fear and panic in the mind of denizens some of whom have begun migrating to Francophone regions.

This reporter gathered that a good number of the troops being ferried to the two Anglophone Regions are carted from their training camps, where they were still undergoing training. The reinforcement, this reporter gathered, is a direct response from the government following mass protests that alarmed most government officials.

Government’s spokesman and Communication Minister, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, following the September 22 protest, in a press confab emphasized that the government will not tolerate any civil disobedience, adding that there is no room for secession.


____________________Even Buea too has been heavily militarized_____________

Those advocating for secession, on their part, have laid down programmes on how they will march into Buea on October 1 and declare their independence. According to the programme, come October 2, the interim government will take over the ‘presidency’ in Buea, and reinstitute the statehood of former Southern Cameroons. Affair à suivre...

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