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Cameroon –South Region: BEPC Candidate Delivered of Twins Amidst Examination
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Posted on August 5, 2020, 12:00 am
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A pregnant candidate for the Brevet d’études du premier cycle (BEPC) braved child-labor pains into the examination hall in the South Region of Cameroon where she ended up giving birth to twins.

BEPC Candidate gives birth to twins

According to CRTV reports, it was on Saturday August 1st 2020 that the aspirant mother by name Justine Oye went into the exams hall, for the Life and Earth Sciences paper in Mengong, Mvina Division of the South Region of Cameroon.

In the hall, she entered into labor and upon alert, the school authorities called a nearby nurse, Lili Assembe who helped the young mother deliver of her babies.

Adminidstrative authority

While the process last just for about 30 minutes, according to school authorities, Oye was permitted to go back to the hall to take off her exams from where she stopped.


The new mother and her set of “Angels” as she calls them were then led to the hospital where they were administered proper medical care.

Student who gave birth to twins in the examination hall

A native of Ebolobola situated along the Ebolowa-Mengong highway, the nursing mother and her family has expressed joy over the miraculous happening and Oye hopes that she will make it in her examinations.

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