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Finance Minister Reminder on TIN Raises Issues of Acquaintance
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Posted on August 3, 2020, 11:01 am
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Different views from different categories of people have surfaced following Cameroon Minister of Finance Louse Paul Motaze’s announcement to both public and private sector employees who are affiliated with the National Social Insurance Fund that the Tax Administration is gradually providing them with Unique Tax Identification Numbers-TIN.


According to the statement signed on July 28th, 2020 by Minister Motaze, the modification is in line with the ongoing efforts to decongest the online registration platform for individual taxpayers. The press release detailed that the TIN will be included on payslips of the taxpayers who are individual and will aid in all tax-related operations.

However, “wage earners who are yet to obtain their tax identification numbers are exempted from the online tax registration procedure” the release explained. According to the release, an exemption has already been done on behalf of this group of persons by the Tax Administration.


To some uneducated business person and taxpayers, they are very much acquainted with how they have been doing in the past and are not ready for another trauma. While to critics, it is one of government’s tactics to extort money even from poor people.

Nevertheless, many have embraced the view and are set to acquire their number because they see it as modernization and development. They believe that it is a sign that the government is working to meet the standard of a modern Cameroon-emergence.

Finance Minister

Meantime, the deadline for the production of the TIN or registration certificate for economic operations has been extended to January 1ST 2021.

It should be recalled that it was initially slated for June 30th, 2020, then to September 30th, 2020 and now to January 202.

Following the previous extension, the Minister had said it was to relieve the pressure on the IT platform of the General Tax Directorate for the administration to also serve their other online platforms.

It should be noted that Cameroon introduced a provision in its 2020 Finance Law which forbids the provision of services to people without the TIN in other to ensure and forced Cameroonians to obtain the number. 

online taxation

With TIN, the services include; the opening of accounts at microfinance and credit institutions, subscription to insurance contracts, connection to water and electricity networks, land titling, etc.

This measure according to public authorities is being implemented as part of the tax base expansion policy to increase internal revenues while reducing the number of taxpayers who avoid payment and constitute to over 30% of the overall taxpayer population in Cameroon.

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