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Yaounde: GeED Holds Consultative Meeting with Curriculum Developers on Gender Sensitive Pedagogy
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Posted on July 27, 2020, 5:22 pm
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Gender Empowerment and Development-GeED Organization in one of their projects to prevent and respond to school-related gender-based violence, organized a consultation meeting on Friday, July 24th, 2020, in Yaounde, Center Region of Cameroon on gender sensitive pedagogy with curriculum developers.


The Consultation meeting served as a platform for participants who all stemmed from the pedagogical tree to learn and share through presentation on; gender and its societal construction, gender responsive school while bringing out the differences with an ordinary school, and pedagogy and gender responsive pedagogy. It was equally an opportunity to deal with the responsiveness on gender issues and gender responsive lapses in the curriculum for basic education in Cameroon.

GeED promotes the sustainable development of communities through peoples’ positive behavioral change and the communities’ own self-determination for a better society. Through her activities, GeED strives to build a world where people are empowered to take up their own development based on their own active participation in different processes. This capacity can only be constructed from the tender age unto adulthood where people are expected to be contributing actively to their own development.

Currently, GeED is working on School Related Gender Based violence with the objective of making the study environment more accommodating for teachers, students/pupils and all users. Making the study environment accommodating to everyone requires a gender responsive approach to every step of the process. This explains why they organized a workshop for Curriculum developers in the primary and secondary education sector.

Mrs Kouesso

GeED noted that teachers are central to the teaching and learning processes. This means that their understanding and awareness of gender responsiveness is the key to the effective participation of all students in the learning processes.

Gender responsive teachers will understand and respond to the specific needs of girls, boys and the vulnerable students/pupils, which will make the teaching and learning process attractive and interesting to all the learners. They will do this by being aware of the special needs of girls and boys such as sexual maturation issues and by encouraging equal participation and involvement of boys, girls and the vulnerable students in class activities, this will provide a favorable environment to ensure equal participation, access to learning materials and a comfortable feeling by all learners, GeED explains.

According to GeED, the major obstacle facing teachers today is an apparent lack of gender skills for instruction, yet the ability of the teacher to use gender responsive pedagogy effectively can be strengthened if the teacher is well grounded in gender responsive teaching skills, reason why this meeting was vital at the time.

GeED Workshop sessions

Given that some teachers are not aware of situations that are discriminatory on the basis of gender, they may: use learning materials that depict only one group of persons performing certain types of activities, make disparaging remarks about the capability or characteristics of either gender, which may discourage some students, girls in particular, from participating effectively in the teaching and learning process, GeED added.

What happens in the teaching and learning processes in the classroom plays a big role in determining how well all learners participate in education and whether they stay in school and do well in their studies or not, they stated.


The consultation meeting was therefore intended to; have a look at the recently developed curriculum in Cameroon to see how well it is adapted to gender responsiveness, identify gender gaps if any and create awareness on the importance of using a gender responsive approach to teaching to make the day-to-day teaching more gender responsive, enable teachers to acquire deeper insights into gender responsive pedagogy and develop classroom practices that are gender friendly.

To the program coordinator, Tilder Ndichia Kumichi, who gave an inside on all that has to do with a gender responsive school, teachers must be sensitive to the different feelings so that their actions do not affect the pupil. As such teachers must be enabled to develop and use gender responsive methodologies towards both sexes.

GeED AND Curriculum stakeholders

In her presentation, Mrs Kouesso, a representative from MINSEC elaborated on gender and its social construction in the society. Like the Coordinator, she elaborated stating that gender base violence stems from cultural bias. There are some household chores that are stereotyped to particular sexes. For example, the washing of dishes is a “girls’ thing”.

According to Tohmoh Joseph Yong, Chairman of Teachers who was a participant it was a great initiative from GeED. Violence in school among teachers and students/pupils has greatly increased in Cameroon. However, training stakeholders on how to curb it through curriculum could not have been less appreciated.

Every participant expressed gratitude for the knowledge acquired in relation to gender responsiveness in schools. They left determined to trace gender base violence from grassroots because it all stems from cultural stereotype. Also, determined in their various way to start looking into how this cankerworm can be traced out from the educational system.

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