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UCCC-SW: Mayor Aboko Patrick Anki Wins another Mandate
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Posted on July 20, 2020, 2:36 pm
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The Southwest Regional branch of the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon (UCCC), have renewed their confidence in Aboko Patrick Anki, Mayor of Kombo Abedimo council as their new Regional President.

The election took place during the General Assembly of the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon for the South West Region that took place on the 18th July 2020, in Buea.

Aboko Patrick Anki

The election of the new executive of the UCCC Southwest Regional bureau was done through a consensus list. This was the same issue for elections into all six UCCC Divisional executives. The regional bureau is manned by eight persons namely: Aboko Patrick Anki, Mayor of Kombo Abedimo Council as President, Mbwaye Florence, Mayor Limbe I Council, and Vice President. Tong George Eno, Mayor of Nguti Council Secretary General, with Chief Ita Ayamba Jacque of Eyumojock council as Vice Secretary General, Nembo Ketu (Mayor Wabane council) as Treasurer with Mbatchou Jacob Mayor Kumba II Council, and Ekenue Samuel Mayor Mundemba Council as Auditors 1 and 2 respectively. The adviser for the regional bureau is David Mafani Namange, Mayor Buea council.

This election follows the 9th February Municipal and Legislative elections in the country that saw the election of new Mayors across the Region as well as giving new mandates to some incumbents.

Most of the new mayors lead councils that have faced serious challenges because of the Anglophone crisis. The Anglophone crisis, in its fourth years has turned the region into a show of its own self. However the mayors like their counterparts across the country have been battling the coronavirus pandemic.


The representative of the UCCC National President Njong Donatus, lauded the initiative of the former executive, while calling on the new team to work as a team in order to achieve more at the national level. To him, this present mandate will help the state bring back peace to the region that has been badly affected.

Njong Donatus also counselled the mayors to go to Yaoundé during the national elections with a united agenda so as to enable them lobby for more positions at the national level.


The President Aboko Patrick said his mandate will be centred on teamwork and team spirit so as to achieve whatever they want to do. He said: "I know the challenges that lie ahead of me and I have come in for teamwork. I want the Mayors of the South West Region to work as a family so that with the present disposition of the socio-political climate in the region, together we can seek for solutions that will make the SWR to be liberated in the hands from our brothers who are having reasons to stay in the bushes.”

Before going to Yaoundé according to the President, an Executive Regional Committee meeting will be convened ahead of the National Election to make sure that the Southwest region is properly represented at the national bureau. “We are going to tell them that at the level of the national bureau we will want the SWR to be highly recognized,” Aboko Patrick said.


The United Councils and Cities of Cameroon, UCCC is an association of Mayors across the national territory, void of any political lining. For the Fako Divisional executive bureau, it is manned by Gabriel Tonje Lifanje, Mayor of Idenau council as President. The UCCC Lebialem divisional executive bureau has as President Nkemasong Nicasius Anumveh, Mayor of Menji council. UCCC Kupe Manenguba divisional bureau has as President Ekungwe Christopher Kang, Mayor Bangem council, while Ekwale Martin, Mayor of Akwaya council is President of UCCC Manyu divisional executive bureau. Chief Daniel Matta Mokambe, Mayor of Mbonge council is President of the UCCC Meme divisional executive bureau and Edonde Cornelius, Mayor Kombo Itindi council is President of the UCCC Ndian divisional executive bureau.  

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