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Fuh Calistus Gentry Donates Anti-COVID19 to Mbembe IDPs in Yaounde.
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Posted on July 14, 2020, 9:20 am
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On Saturday 19th July 2020, more than 150 IDPs from the Ako subdivision presently in Yaounde received anti-covid19 materials consisting of hydroalcoholic gel, face mask, soaps and a million Francs cash donation to help prevent and fight the covid19 pandemic.

Ako Subdivision IDPs Yaounde.

This kind gesture was offered by the secretary of state at MINMIDT Dr Fuh Calistus Gentry who was represented by Patience Kimoussim Philomene who said “In the presence of a war we can run, but faced with a pandemic of this nature, we cannot run. So as a brother and father, it is his wish that everyone stays safe”

Mbembe Community Yaounde

Present at the ceremony were the national president of the Mbembe Cultural Development Association, MBECUDA Mr. Mbeh Augustine, President of MBECUDA Yaounde Mr. Napoleon Nyeta, representative of the Lord Mayor Nkanya Nkwai of Ako Subdivision and other elites.

MBEH AUGUSTINE. National president of MBECUDA

Talking with the press after the ceremony, the national president Mr. Mbeh Augustine expressed gratitude on behalf of all the IDPs while the president of the Mbembe women's association Mrs. Emimi Comfort epse Ayock said: “A smile has been put on our faces today with an extra gift of five hundred thousand FCFA”. Dieudonné Mboda and Geraldine Mbame some of the IDP beneficiaries said, “Thank you, thank you”.

Patience Kimoussim, MINMIDT

The Mbembe IDPs hope peace will return to their area so that they can return home.

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