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The SDF launches a war of figures on detainees of the Anglophone crisis
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Posted on September 6, 2017, 12:00 am
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Click to Enlarge! According to Honorable Mbah Ndam, SDF MP and member of the national executive committee (NEC) of the leading opposition party, the 31st September presidential decree liberating detainees of the Anglophone crisis has not been enforced as expected of its type. He indicated that when such a degree is signed demanding the discontinuation of judicial proceedings of victims of a particular crisis, it applies to all not some as is the case we are witnessing.

In effect, the SDF party has made public a list of people arrested and detainene since the the crisis rocking the North West and South west regions began in 2016. Contrary to popular opinion that all those people arrested in the context of the crisis, were being transported to Yaoundé, the party indicates that 18 people were detained in Buea central prison. Detainees whose names do not feature in the document from the ministry of defense which followed the presidential measure to grant liberty to people arrested within the  context of the Anglophone crisis.

Going by the document from the minister delegate at the presidency in charge of defense, 55 people have been freed from Yaoundé prisons; 19 companions of Chief JUSTICE Ayah PAUL at the national; gendarmerie head quarters (Sed), Yaounde’s second prison. The principal prison, the central prison and the Yayep Camp harbored 63 persons and 12 people at the principal prison which jouxte the kondengui according to the SDF party. A place that harbors captured Boko Harram terrorists and equally served as home for the detained leaders of the Anglophones crisis.

The Social Democratic Front contests the fact that not everyone has been liberated and calls  on Yaoundé to free all plus the ones detained in Buea and Bamenda.  Furthermore the party of Ni John Fru Ndi highlights the case of 18 people arrested in Wum since January and taken to Yaoundé, whose names do not figure on the list published by Mindef. The parties equally talk of 24 held in secret places and 8 others killed by the defense forces of La Republique du cameroun.

Logically almost a hundred people from works of life, social status and  ranks have been implicated within the ongoing crisis rocking the English speaking regions of Cameroon according to SDF Since 2016, hence just 55 have been liberated from the Yaoundé prisons. The government talks of some close to 20 people who are still under detention, whose cases are currently before the law court pending due procedures but the SDF has established the number at 28. They party do not only denounce the partial liberation of the people arrested, but the inexact figures advanced by the government Cameroon. 

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