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Cameroon: Taxi Driver Protest in Buea, Decry Police Brutality and Extortion
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Posted on July 9, 2020, 12:00 am
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Reportedly fed up with police brutality over matters that can be overlooked, the taxi drivers of Buea town in the South West Region of Cameroon were protesting yesterday July 8th, 2020.

The strike action became a torn on the flesh of passengers as the angry drivers grounded their vehicles to protest over brutality and extortion of money from them by active security forces in the town of Buea.

taxi drivers protest-buea

According to local sources, the protest started around the GCE Board Junction in Buea. It followed from an argument between a police officer and a taxi driver. The drivers were for the colleague and so they retarded movement across the town.

taxi divers protes buea

It should be noted that, taxis are the main means of transport in Buea because motorbike riding may be there but it is not common.

taxi drivers-protest

Having paralyzed movement in the town, it was but right for an authority to have a say. The Divisional Officer of Buea came to the scene, had a word with the drivers and convinced them to resume work.


The Authority has however promised them that, he will ensure severe sanctions against security officers who are found guilty of extortion of money and brutalizing drivers.

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