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Pakistan: Husband and Brother of a 24-Year Old Woman Allegedly Stone her to Death
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Posted on July 7, 2020, 10:34 am
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In a video making rounds on social media, a grieving father can be seen crying that justice should be served for the alleged brutal honor killing where a brother of a 24-year-old woman and her husband reportedly stoned her to death in Wadda Chachar, Pakistan.

It was the National Highway and Motorway Police that found the already mutilated body of Waziran as she was identified, near the Hindus Highway.  The police reported that the victim’s head was covered with severe head injuries.

According to police, Waziran was repeatedly stroke with stones and with sticks during the unfortunate incident in Jamshoro.


The father of the victim can be seen crying beside her grave. However, the police revealed that the father had initially said that it was an accident but he later withdrew the statement saying that the woman’s brother, Kareem and husband, Allah Baksh were responsible for the heathen act.

The two were immediately arrested and while in police custody, the husband, Baksh said that the act was done by his family that disapproved their marriage.


Meantime, reports from locals show that a three-man joint investigation was launched to investigate the issue because local police were taking it lightly probably relating to honor killing.

What is honor killing? It can be described as the killing of a relative which mostly involves girls and women who brings dishonor to a family. It is a very common practice in Pakistan. However what bothers the global community is that it is gender biased as the female are the targeted group.

stoned to death

Some of the things that earns victims honor killing include; dating, fornication, divorce, premarital pregnancies etc.


Even though the global community has decried this practice in Pakistan, authorities seem to still treat it with lightness linking back to their traditions and cultures, which they are part of.

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