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Some 12.000 Cameroonians living with complicated skin diseases
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Posted on September 2, 2017, 12:00 am

According to figures from the Ministry headed by Andre Mama Fouda, poverty remains a perennial factor why the over twelve thousand patients have not been able to receive substantial medical attention.

Presenting the information recently at the nation’s economic capital, Douala, the Littoral Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr Martin Bea Yamb, explained that the information was gotten through a nationwide registration process for patients to benefit from the medical experts of Mercy ships.

He however lamented over the fact that even though the lack of finance is the main reason why most Cameroonians can’t get medical attention, carelessness and negligence account for the complicated state of most cases.  

Mercy Ships rescues Cameroonian patients

Mercy ships, a humanitarian vessel which arrived Cameroon on August 16, 2017 is said to receive some 5000 patients during the over ten months of its stay.

The “floating hospital” which measures a surface area of 1200 metres square, 23.7 metres large and 152 metres feet long, intends to provide more than 3000 life-changing free surgeries for adults and child patients on board, treat more than 8000 at a land-based dental clinic and provide holistic healthcare training to Cameroonian medical practitioners.

Mercy ships which has provided medical assistance and carried out operations in nations like Togo, Sierra Leone, Guinea, DR Congo, Madagascar and Benin, is equipped with 82 bed-recovery wards, an X- ray machine and a laboratory, a digital lab, an intensive healthcare unit, five Operating theatres, CT scanner and many more.

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